Tuesday, December 18, 2012

David's Birthday

David turned 4 this year. I can still remember bringing him home from the hospital. How tiny he was and just wanted to curl up into you. Of all my kids he was the only one that wanted to be swaddled and warm. I remember having to turn the heat up and the rest of us wore shorts and t-shirts. As I type this post he is currently using a baby wipe and is washing the floor. He for the most part is my big helper. He likes to clean and vacuum and the other day mopped the floor for me. For David's birthday I decided to ask him 4 questions.

1. Favorite Toy - Legos

2. Favorite food - Juice and Pizza

3. Favorite movie- Chipmunks

4. What do you want to be when you grow up - Policeman

I was so upset about his cake. I went to the store to order a cake he was specific that he wanted a Fire Truck cake with blue frosting. A few days later I went to pick it up and was told that it was not ready and that I had ordered it for a different pick-up date. I told the lady no and she said yes and then I showed her a copy of my receipt with the pick-up date of 11-19. Of course it was back peddling time and I was upset that his cake was not ready and that they also tried to blame their error on me. The offered me a free cake which was a tiny generic cake and I actually had a free coupon for that cake. They also offered me a discount on another cake that was made. I had a few choices. White cake with pink and yellow flowers, Thanksgiving themed cakes and a Justin Bieber cake. I declined and left and went to a different store. I ended up with a chocolate cake with pink, purple and green frosting on it. Not really boyish but it had to do. In the end I kick myself because I should have gotten the free cake and a month later I think I should have just gotten a Justin Bieber cake for the heck of it and to have a good laugh later. In point I will not order a cake from them again due to the customer service I received and obviously there is more to the story than I shared.

David is a great brother to Mattie and Michael. He is very caring but can also be a little on the mean side. He is very active and full of energy and it is non-stop. Every morning he wakes up and the first thing he says is "I want cereal". He loves cereal and will eat any kind. He wants it in a big blue bowl, with big milk (filled to the top) and eats it with a big spoon.