Sunday, November 24, 2013

July Cabin Trip

Over the 4th of July we went up to the cabin for a few days.  We planned to go fishing, into town and dinner with friends.  We started out on time but had to turn back around because Dan forgot his keys for work and needed something from his office but luckily we were only a few miles from home.  We planned on a short stop at Costco but turned into a hour long stop complete with lunch, can't beat the cheap lunch at Costco.  We grabbed a few snack items and each one of us got a new book.  We made a quick stop at Dan's work and finally we were on our way.  I happened to be texting a friend who was also in Prescott and we were going to meet and she reminded me to bring some extra chairs.  I mentioned it to Dan and that is when we realized that we forgot chairs and fishing stuff.  Normally this would not have been a big deal but the kids really wanted to go fishing and this was the big event for the trip.  So we turned around at Stapley and the US 60 and headed back to home, which is about 30 mins.  We finally made it to the cabin around 3PM and about 3 hours that what we originally planned.   We played outside for a while and then came inside to make dinner.  After dinner we went on a short hike and to see what we call the haunted cabin.  At the bedtime Dan and I had great plans to get the kids asleep and snuggle down in bed with the windows open and enjoy the night time air and read our new books.  Ha... the plans were foiled by 2 kids not wanting to sleep.  The cabin being so warm during the day that it was hot and uncomfortable and took a while for the room to cool down and of course the occasional Daddy Long Leg crawling across me.  The end result was David on the murphy bed, Mattie and Dan in the big bed and I was asleep with Michael on the other bed.  The next day was the 4th of July.  We played in the morning and started to build a big fort for the kids with the fallen trees.  After lunch we got ready and headed into town.  We hung out for a while and then meet my friend Katherine and her family for dinner.  It was wonderful to see her and catch up.  We planned on going to the fireworks show but it was so crowded that we decided not to go and went to Sonics and headed back to the cabin.  We cheated and got a movie for the kids to watch back at the cabin. 
 Picture taken at the haunted cabin
Not the best picture of Dan and I but I had to post David Photo Bombing us.  I have no idea what he was doing.

                                                                                         I love this face. 
 Mattie does not like to walk on uneven ground so the walks where either one of us carrying her or similar to this with Mattie lifting her feet off the ground.

                                                    Watermelon is from the garden and the first one we picked.

Michael wanted to play but Mattie wanted to swing.  Michael took some time and pushed Mattie in the swing.

                                                                         The bull that would not let us pass. 

Hard to see but this was taken at the top of the mountain.  Can see the haze from the smoke from the Yarnell Fire.
                                                                                       Travelling in style.

Funny story.... The mountains where the cabin is located still has a working ranch.  When we were driving into town there was a black cow in the road and he would not move out of the way.  We sat for a few minutes watching him and the kids were laughing.  Dan honked the horn and the cow just stared at us.  He honked again and drove forward and the cow turned around and faced the other way but still looked at us.  By this time there were a few cars behind us.  Dan drove forward slowly and the cow put his head down like he was going to charge.  At the last minute the cow went off the side of the road and barely hit the vehicle. 

The day after July 4th we went to Lynx Lake to fish and rent a boat.  I've been to the lake when I was young but don't remember.  The lake has a neat restaurant and the food smelled so good and it was busy.  The plan was to rent a boat, fish for awhile and then go have lunch in town.  We went inside the tack shop, rented the boat and came back outside to get the fishing stuff.  On the sidewalk was this huge butterfly.  I lined the kids up for a picture and then that is when Dan delivered the bad news.  We had the chairs but forgot the fishing poles and tackle box.  Remember we already forgot it at home and had to go back home to get it.  Well it turns out we ended up leaving it at home.  The poles and tackle box were laying on the floor in the garage. 

 We ended up just cruising around the lake and taking the scenery in.  The kids had a blast and when we got off the lake is when it started to rain.  We drove into town and walked around the downtown area for a while.  Because it was 4th of July weekend and that is when the rodeo is, there is tons of stuff going on.  We had lunch at Gurley Street CafĂ© and then  walked around some more before heading back to the cabin.  The next day we headed home.  It was a wonderful family trip and nice to get away.  I'm so grateful to have the cabin.  It was something that my grandparents built before I was born.  My dad use to go up there as child.  He got to create memories by taking his family up there and know it is my turn.  Wonderful memories and many more to come.

 This is Mattie's famous Water Buffalo pose.