Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Computer Whoes

A quick post to let everyone know that my computer is out of commission. If anyone needs me quickly can you please give me a call. Dan and I hope to get a new computer soon.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

Today I turned 33. Yikes! It was a normal day with a few freebies thrown into the mix. Michael had pre-school, Mattie had therapy and a doctors appointment with her ENT. I really like her ENT and he hung around after examining her and we talked a few minutes about Christmas and family members that you really don't want to spend time with. He told me about his dad and how he is old and cranky and bossy and there is only one right way. He kept asking me about all 3 kids and how I do it. I shared with him my disaster story last night and how I had to let the kids crawl around in the cold garage while I emptied out the entire chest freezer because it broke. After her appointment we went to Krispy Kreme to get a free dozen of donuts. After that I went to the mall and did a little window shopping. I meet Dan for a early dinner at Joe's BBQ, were of course you get a free meal on your birthday. Dan had to leave early because he had a call. I left right after him because the kids (Mattie and David) were getting fussy and Mattie kept yelling "dada". I came home to a semi-messy house. Got the kids settled and ready for bed. Michael and I watched the most lamest Christmas cartoon. It was about Rudolph and he was sent to look for happy. I lost track when they were celebrating the 4th of July. Like I said boring so I worked on my massive pile of laundry. I know exciting. Hey my husband surprised me with a funny card and a bag of mini-snickers. He told me I can put it in the freezer. Funny! Last week he noticed that the sewing machine I've been wanting since summer had a rebate on it. He told me to go and get it, so I made the mad dash to the store last Friday to buy it. What a guy! I was so excited but of course know I have not found the time to use it. I always feel like the household stuff needs to come first. Of course I always think I'm going to use it at night after the kids are in bed but I always end up falling asleep on the couch. Maybe this weekend. So there you have there is my 33rd birthday.

Oh I should add that I celebrated with my mom and brother and his family on Saturday. My mom made her famous tacos anybody who knows my mom will know what I'm talking about. My mom made me a really cute Christmas wreath and well I don't want to give away what she did. Maybe if you come over I will show it to you.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is for stuff to stop breaking. So far this year we bought a new car, dryer, dishwasher and know the chest freezer broke. Please Mr. Santa please I don't think I can take anything else breaking.

I promise I will be good.

David'sFirst Birthday Party

Cake time!

Blwing out the candle

The cake

The Birthday party crowd

Opening Gifts

The Sunday following David's Birthday he had his party. Dan grilled hotdogs, brats and hamburgers. It was small but lots a fun. My cousion came with his 2 little boys. They live on the opposite side of the state ok.... Glendale to be exact but it is such a long drive it might as well be the other side of the state. It was a great party and David had fun. I made David's cake which was a Red Velvet cake. David loved it. He dug right into it. Michael had fun that morning helping me decorate with streamer and of course Mattie had fun pulling it all down.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Big Reveal....It's all about Sarah

On Tuesday (December 1) I had the opportunity to have the Sarah Palin book "Going Rogue" autographed. I've never did anything like this before and I thought why not. She is interesting to me and the fact that she has a baby with Down Syndrome, I guess I feel like we have something in common. Anyways I went with Dan's mom and I took Mattie with me. We got in line at 9 AM and she was to appear at 11:00 AM at the Costco in Tempe. She arrived at 10:30 and soon the line started to move and then stop and then it would move again. We were about 100 feet from the entrance door and it was announced that right know she has signed 750 books which is 250 more than originally planned. They are waiting to see if she wants to sign more. We were told 50 maybe a 100 more. About 20 minutes later the Costco worker came out and was told to keep the line moving. The next thing I'm walking in the door and handed a card with the number 816 on it. I was # 816...WOW! The first thing I hear is the Lee Greenwood song "God Bless America", I though cool they are playing music. Before you get to the signing table you put your purse on 1 table and then they take the book from you and your walk to the table were she is at. You are not to have anything on you, no purse, bags, jackets etc.. and your hands must be out and shown. I'm standing in line looking at her and the next song on is Toby Keith "Courtesy of the Red,White and Blue" and Mattie starts waving her hands in the air and then a few photographers start taking her picture. The next thing you know I'm standing in front of Sarah Palin and she shakes my hand and says thank you for coming and then says "Oh who is this". I said this is my daughter Mattie. She stands up and asked "Can I hold your baby, will she let me hold her". I tell her yes and hand Mattie to her. She asked about her glasses and if she keeps them on and I told her no, she is always taking them off and losing them. In fact this is our second pair this year. She laughs and told me her son is the same way that it is a constant battle. She asked about her leg braces and what they do. I explain the braces to her and she asked does it help and I tell her yes that she will take little steps if we help her. She then said "my son Trig is here and I want you to meet him". In fact my mom and dad are here and I want you to meet them as well. She hands Mattie back to me and tells me thank you. She then tells her security guard that I'm to meet her family. He gets a Costco worker and then I'm being escorted off to the side. This man comes up to me and says "Hi, I'm Sarah's dad" We talk for a minute and then her mom comes up and he introduces Mattie and I to her. Then Sarah's mom and the Costco worker takes us through the store and upstairs to a room were Trig is with some friends of Sarah who live in the valley and are watching him during the event. We hang out for about 30-40 minutes and Mattie and Trig at first just stared at each other. He blew a raspberry and Mattie did it back. They do this a few times and then he finally crawls off and Mattie follows him. They started playing together with some of his toys. I talk to one of her friends for a while and then Sarah's mom comes in and said that Sarah wants Trig and that it was time for them to go. I pick up Mattie and thank everyone and say our good byes.

So here is the story of Mattie and I having to the chance to meet Sarah Palin and Mattie being able to play with Trig. Oh and if you don't believe this story below are some pictures to prove it. I have to say I was so impressed with her kindness and honestly the love she had towards Mattie. To ask to hold Mattie was huge to me. I could not believe it happened and did not expect it at all. When people were coming out of the store everyone said it was fast and she was answer a question or two but it was very short and the line keeps moving. It was truly an amazing day.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

AR Designs Blog Giveaway

Here is a cute give away for jewlery.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A little scare and coming soon...................

Something huge happened but I won't post about it until Thursday or Friday. I have to wait for the pictures. Stay tuned for my exciting day! In the meantime here is a little story to tell. Early Saturday morning around 3 am I woke up to a noise in the house. I listened again and sure enough I heard someone in the kitchen cabinet. I woke Dan up and told him that someone was in the house. He sat up and listened and we heard more noises. So we crept out of the bedroom (I was behind him) and noticed the dining room light on and could see the kitchen light on. Dan whispered to me that he turned those lights off last night before he went to bed. We crept down the hall and around the corner. All of sudden around the corner where we were standing comes Michael carrying a cup of water. He looked up at us and said "I just needed a drink of water". Poor little guy he was so scared. To tell the truth we were all equally scared and after I got my heart to stop racing I was able to get a decent night sleep until 7 am. Yea for my little late sleepers.

That is all I have to share for know. I have more stuff to follow and will slowly do it over the next few days but Thursday night or Friday morning will be the big reveal!