Friday, October 15, 2010

# 6

I can't believe that my oldest turned 6 in September. He celebrated is birthday by having lunch and playing games at Peter Piper Pizza. Then we went to the Lego Store and he picked something from Dan and I but he also spent the rest of his money that he had left over from vacation. All I can say is this little guy made out like a bandit. For dinner Grandma and Grandpa Hurd joined us and he wanted tacos. His cake choice was chocolate. I made the cake the night before and he surprised me the next morning and decorated it himself and he did a pretty good job. Funny story about one of his birthday gifts. In California Dan and I saw a really cool poster of different jets on it. Well when he opened the poster it turns out it was a poster of Rosie the Riveter. The sticker on the poster wrapping was incorrect. He thought it was funny but did tells us that it wast he worst birthday present ever.

unwrapping the first present

OOPS-Wrong Poster

New Pajamas

New Books

Army cake

Blowing out candles

Mattie waiting for cake

Saturday, October 2, 2010

First Family Vacation

Last week Dan and I went on our first family vacation with the kids... destination Legoland and San Diego. We went with Dan's parents who have a Motor home and we stayed at a RV resort in Escondido. We did Legoland for 2 days and we had a great time. Mattie came just a tad under 34 inches which was the height requirement for most of the rides. After a quick fix with some extra socks in her shoes she magically was at 34 inches. We then learned that she did not like any of the rides. David did not care and went with the flow of things. Michael loved all of it especially the roller coasters and the lego store. We also went and did a tour of the Midway Aircraft Carrier and we took Michael on a Harbor Tour. I had a few friends who went to week or two before us and they all said it was cold. So I was prepared for cold weather and in return we were there during the heat wave. We had to go out and buy shorts and short sleeve shirts.

The Midway

I love this picture. We were walking by this guy and he saw Michael pointed at me and then at Michael and waved us over. His name is Robert Cressman and he was stationed in Normandy France during World War II. This was his helmet and he put it on Michael. He then put the sign in front of Michael and said take our picture. Behind him are pictures of him during the war. He was telling stories and you could ask him questions and he would answer them. He was very patient and nice to everyone.

French Submarine at Coronado Island

USA Submarine at Coronado Island

This is a Hospital Boat. We were told it was the 4th largest hospital in the United States. I still have a hard time believing it but I still thought it was pretty cool. It was docked and out of commission for some repairs.

Mattie and Me on the Flight Deck of the Midway Aircraft Carrier

David sitting in the cockpit of a fighter jet

Michael sitting in the cockpit of a fighter jet


Dan thought this was funny. You had to pump the fire truck and it was a race with everyone else. Michael would not pump and I could not do it by myself so I was stuck. The guy operating the ride had to come over and help me.

Picture of Dan and I at a look out point in the mountains. If you look behind us you can see part of the road that you drive on. It was a steep 2 way road with many switch backs and some parts had no guard rail to protect you from going over. Once we were in the mountains I saw the cutest homes and ranches. I even saw the picture perfect little white church. I wish I would have taken a picture of it.