Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mattie's 4th Birthday

So much to say but will have to do it later. I just wanted to get the post up and pictures of Mattie. She is such a special girl and we all love her so much. She is tougher than any kid I know and endures so much but she keeps going and at the end always has a smile on her face and will wave and huge everyone around her. Happy Birthday Mattie.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh boy.......a tiny jar of makeup and this.....

First I have to explain that I keep my bedroom door closed and bathroom doors closed and have the childproof plastic knobs on. I also keep my makeup in a bag in the medicine cabinet. Today I was cleaning the master bedroom and bathroom and the hall bathroom and the doors were open. Mattie and David were in the room with me and playing with some toys. I went into the hall bathroom and soon I heard laughter. My curiosity wondered what was so funny. I walked into the room and saw this..... I could not believe it. They found a tiny jar of something and put it on themselves. As you can tell both think it is great and David is proud of his handy work. It was David who decorated both since Mattie had nothing on her hands or fingers. After some makeup remover, soap and scrubbing I finally got it off.

Random pictures

First Picture is Mattie. I showed this picture to Dan and his response was "I wonder where she got it from".

Seriously I don't vacuum and talk and the phone at the same time.

Mattie and David helped paint the garden boxes. They did a pretty good job and even managed to get some paint on them.

It took a few looks to figure out what was going on in the picture. I thought he was posing for his new sunglasses and then a second look I realized it was the hair. He got his haircut and Michael is always asking for a Mohawk. Ummm......NO. So the stylist asked him how he wanted it combed and he said a Mohawk. I figured what the heck it was the weekend so she spiked it down the middle and asked if she could put some color gel in it. I said sure and this is the look. Michael ended up not liking it and asked to take it out later on. All the neighbor boys that he looked cool.

Which leads me to a question I see young kids with Mohawks and I ask Why?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Fools Day

This is the first time Dan and I did a April Fools Joke on the kids. Mattie and David are to young to understand and will eat anything but Michael... we got him good and my mom. I made cupcakes frosted with mashed potato's that I dyed green. For dessert I made cupcakes that look like they had peas and carrots on top. I used green runts for the peas and carrots I cut up a orange starburst. I also made cupcakes that looked liked mashed potatoes. The gravy was carmel and the butter was a melted yellow starburst. Dan and I told Michael that for dinner he was having cupcakes. It took 3 bites before Michael realized what he was eating. He was a little hesitant on the dessert but after a few bites he figured out it was a real cupcake with candy on top. Mattie and David ate everything but once I put the real ones out they ate those instead.

Meatloaf and mashed potatoes cupcakes:

First Bite:

Second Bite:

Third Bite: "Hey these are not cupcakes, it's meatloaf"

Mattie and David:

They like it:

Dessert I'm not so sure about this:

Taking a bite with hesitation:

David likes it:

Mattie likes it:

My mom's reaction:

A ball of sheets

I hate posting pictures of my bedroom for a few reasons but this time I had to do it. I wonder if this happens to anyone else and I told Dan I was doing this for proof and documentation. Many nights I get into bed and I have to re-make the bed because the sheets are all tangled up. We are on a different sleep schedule as I like to call it Dan has vampire hours. This particular time the sheet and blanket were in one big ball in the middle of the bed. I often get blamed for the sheets and blankets but this is proof that I do not do it.

I did it.... David's First Haircut

I did it... I did it... I did it.... It took me many months to do it but I finally convinced myself that David was ready for his first haircut. We did it in March so that would make him 28 months. My deciding point was when those sweet little curls would not stayed curled any longer. I was afraid to cut his hair because I did not want to lose the curls. At first he was a little hesitant and scared but as the girl kept cutting he relaxed and let her cut his hair. Dan had the honors of holding him. He know looks like a handsome little boy and he even has a little bit of a wave on top.

Before Pictures:

During the haircut:

I love his expression " What in the heck are you doing to me"

Using the clippers-I thought he would be scared but he liked it and even managed a little smile.

After: The sucker makes is all worth it.

The Kentucky Wildcats

Michael is playing his first year of coach pitch baseball and he is number 6. He is on the same team with 2 of the neighbor boys (Nate and Cohen) and Cohen's Dad is the coach. I will have to admit at the beginning he had a rough time playing and it was a struggle to get him to go to practice and the games. After some pep talks, frustrating moments and a extra time spent on hitting, throwing and catching he likes to play and has become a good player. His team this year is the Kentucky Wildcats and it is the perfect team name for this family because the Hurd family is from Kentucky. Baseball currently fills up our time during the week. Practice is once a week and games are twice a week. It is getting fun to watch the games and the team has improved a lot from the first few games. Dan and I enjoy watching the games and cheering the team on but we also do a great deal of chasing Mattie and David around.