Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Computer Whoes

A quick post to let everyone know that my computer is out of commission. If anyone needs me quickly can you please give me a call. Dan and I hope to get a new computer soon.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

Today I turned 33. Yikes! It was a normal day with a few freebies thrown into the mix. Michael had pre-school, Mattie had therapy and a doctors appointment with her ENT. I really like her ENT and he hung around after examining her and we talked a few minutes about Christmas and family members that you really don't want to spend time with. He told me about his dad and how he is old and cranky and bossy and there is only one right way. He kept asking me about all 3 kids and how I do it. I shared with him my disaster story last night and how I had to let the kids crawl around in the cold garage while I emptied out the entire chest freezer because it broke. After her appointment we went to Krispy Kreme to get a free dozen of donuts. After that I went to the mall and did a little window shopping. I meet Dan for a early dinner at Joe's BBQ, were of course you get a free meal on your birthday. Dan had to leave early because he had a call. I left right after him because the kids (Mattie and David) were getting fussy and Mattie kept yelling "dada". I came home to a semi-messy house. Got the kids settled and ready for bed. Michael and I watched the most lamest Christmas cartoon. It was about Rudolph and he was sent to look for happy. I lost track when they were celebrating the 4th of July. Like I said boring so I worked on my massive pile of laundry. I know exciting. Hey my husband surprised me with a funny card and a bag of mini-snickers. He told me I can put it in the freezer. Funny! Last week he noticed that the sewing machine I've been wanting since summer had a rebate on it. He told me to go and get it, so I made the mad dash to the store last Friday to buy it. What a guy! I was so excited but of course know I have not found the time to use it. I always feel like the household stuff needs to come first. Of course I always think I'm going to use it at night after the kids are in bed but I always end up falling asleep on the couch. Maybe this weekend. So there you have there is my 33rd birthday.

Oh I should add that I celebrated with my mom and brother and his family on Saturday. My mom made her famous tacos anybody who knows my mom will know what I'm talking about. My mom made me a really cute Christmas wreath and well I don't want to give away what she did. Maybe if you come over I will show it to you.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is for stuff to stop breaking. So far this year we bought a new car, dryer, dishwasher and know the chest freezer broke. Please Mr. Santa please I don't think I can take anything else breaking.

I promise I will be good.

David'sFirst Birthday Party

Cake time!

Blwing out the candle

The cake

The Birthday party crowd

Opening Gifts

The Sunday following David's Birthday he had his party. Dan grilled hotdogs, brats and hamburgers. It was small but lots a fun. My cousion came with his 2 little boys. They live on the opposite side of the state ok.... Glendale to be exact but it is such a long drive it might as well be the other side of the state. It was a great party and David had fun. I made David's cake which was a Red Velvet cake. David loved it. He dug right into it. Michael had fun that morning helping me decorate with streamer and of course Mattie had fun pulling it all down.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Big Reveal....It's all about Sarah

On Tuesday (December 1) I had the opportunity to have the Sarah Palin book "Going Rogue" autographed. I've never did anything like this before and I thought why not. She is interesting to me and the fact that she has a baby with Down Syndrome, I guess I feel like we have something in common. Anyways I went with Dan's mom and I took Mattie with me. We got in line at 9 AM and she was to appear at 11:00 AM at the Costco in Tempe. She arrived at 10:30 and soon the line started to move and then stop and then it would move again. We were about 100 feet from the entrance door and it was announced that right know she has signed 750 books which is 250 more than originally planned. They are waiting to see if she wants to sign more. We were told 50 maybe a 100 more. About 20 minutes later the Costco worker came out and was told to keep the line moving. The next thing I'm walking in the door and handed a card with the number 816 on it. I was # 816...WOW! The first thing I hear is the Lee Greenwood song "God Bless America", I though cool they are playing music. Before you get to the signing table you put your purse on 1 table and then they take the book from you and your walk to the table were she is at. You are not to have anything on you, no purse, bags, jackets etc.. and your hands must be out and shown. I'm standing in line looking at her and the next song on is Toby Keith "Courtesy of the Red,White and Blue" and Mattie starts waving her hands in the air and then a few photographers start taking her picture. The next thing you know I'm standing in front of Sarah Palin and she shakes my hand and says thank you for coming and then says "Oh who is this". I said this is my daughter Mattie. She stands up and asked "Can I hold your baby, will she let me hold her". I tell her yes and hand Mattie to her. She asked about her glasses and if she keeps them on and I told her no, she is always taking them off and losing them. In fact this is our second pair this year. She laughs and told me her son is the same way that it is a constant battle. She asked about her leg braces and what they do. I explain the braces to her and she asked does it help and I tell her yes that she will take little steps if we help her. She then said "my son Trig is here and I want you to meet him". In fact my mom and dad are here and I want you to meet them as well. She hands Mattie back to me and tells me thank you. She then tells her security guard that I'm to meet her family. He gets a Costco worker and then I'm being escorted off to the side. This man comes up to me and says "Hi, I'm Sarah's dad" We talk for a minute and then her mom comes up and he introduces Mattie and I to her. Then Sarah's mom and the Costco worker takes us through the store and upstairs to a room were Trig is with some friends of Sarah who live in the valley and are watching him during the event. We hang out for about 30-40 minutes and Mattie and Trig at first just stared at each other. He blew a raspberry and Mattie did it back. They do this a few times and then he finally crawls off and Mattie follows him. They started playing together with some of his toys. I talk to one of her friends for a while and then Sarah's mom comes in and said that Sarah wants Trig and that it was time for them to go. I pick up Mattie and thank everyone and say our good byes.

So here is the story of Mattie and I having to the chance to meet Sarah Palin and Mattie being able to play with Trig. Oh and if you don't believe this story below are some pictures to prove it. I have to say I was so impressed with her kindness and honestly the love she had towards Mattie. To ask to hold Mattie was huge to me. I could not believe it happened and did not expect it at all. When people were coming out of the store everyone said it was fast and she was answer a question or two but it was very short and the line keeps moving. It was truly an amazing day.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A little scare and coming soon...................

Something huge happened but I won't post about it until Thursday or Friday. I have to wait for the pictures. Stay tuned for my exciting day! In the meantime here is a little story to tell. Early Saturday morning around 3 am I woke up to a noise in the house. I listened again and sure enough I heard someone in the kitchen cabinet. I woke Dan up and told him that someone was in the house. He sat up and listened and we heard more noises. So we crept out of the bedroom (I was behind him) and noticed the dining room light on and could see the kitchen light on. Dan whispered to me that he turned those lights off last night before he went to bed. We crept down the hall and around the corner. All of sudden around the corner where we were standing comes Michael carrying a cup of water. He looked up at us and said "I just needed a drink of water". Poor little guy he was so scared. To tell the truth we were all equally scared and after I got my heart to stop racing I was able to get a decent night sleep until 7 am. Yea for my little late sleepers.

That is all I have to share for know. I have more stuff to follow and will slowly do it over the next few days but Thursday night or Friday morning will be the big reveal!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Terrible, Terrible Mom

I did it, I did the ultimate bad mom thing and I feel horrible. Yesterday I was at Costco and I needed 2 things. David can get out the straps in the front part of the cart and I've had to many close calls were I will turn around and he is standing. So I put David in the basket part and pulled the cart with him next to me. Anyways I was at checkout and I was holding David but I needed to get something from the bottom. I sat David in the basket part bent down and I heard a thump. Laying flat on his back in front of me is David. I yell "Oh Crap" and pick him up and start looking all over his body and head and I don't see anything and then I see it.. a big red bump on the top part of his head. He cried for a few minutes and then he stopped crying but had the death grip on my shirt. As I pulled out of the parking lot David was already asleep. I thought Oh-No. I get home call Dan and we both agree to that I should have him checked out. I took him to the PCH Urgent care. After looking him over it was determined that he looks great.

So there you have it I did the ultimate bad mom thing and I feel horrible. I felt a little better when the doctor told me she has 3 boys and the same thing has happened to her.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


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Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday David

Can't take pictures of just one. This is Mattie after dinner. This is the usual messy face.

Michael wearing his favorite thing...Ghostbuster costume. We found this last year at Savers around Halloween time. He was a ghostbuster last year and from then on he is obsessed with Ghostbusters and Ghost.

David after dinner which was pizza and some brownies. Yum!

This was taken birthday morning. I made oatmeal for breakfast. Michael's bowl was still on the table and I came into the kitchen and this is what I saw. Somehow David was able to move the bowl from the table to the chair and he was eating it. What amazed me was he does not let go so with one hand he moved the bowl without breaking anything.

My little guy turned one on Thursday. It was a uneventful day but he did get to enjoy some chocolate & vanilla yogurt at Costco. For dinner he had pizza and a brownie. Below is for my record but here are some facts about David.

1. February of 2009 when he first smiled. David was a cranky colic baby and I remember jumping up and down at him and saying "boo". After numerous attempts I finally got him to crack and give me a smile. I remember thinking I finally did it and he thinks I'm funny.
2. In July is when he started crawling but would stand and pull himself to stand before crawling.
3. He has 7 teeth total and it gives him the cutest smile.
4. He will babble dada and mama but will only say mama when I have food or his bottle.
5. He loves to be held and follows me through out the house. Only a few times out of the day can I be separated from him.
6. He plays great with Mattie and Michael. The play time goes from crawling on Michael and Mattie to playing in the toy house. He loves to play peek a boo.
7. He has the loudest scream!
8. I think he looks like Dan but Dan thinks he looks like me. Dan has this expression where he can crease his forehead and David does the same thing.
9. He loves to eat and is not a picky eater.
10. He shares a room with his big brother and every morning wakes him up by standing at the crib yelling.
11. Likes to go into a room, close the door and then stick his fingers under the door while "calling out to us". When we open the door he smiles and laughs and the closes the door.
12. Has the best laugh.
13. He can get out of the straps that are in the grocery cart. Yes I'm the terrible parent who does not strap her kids in because there is no point. I have tried numerous times and each time I will turn around and he is standing up. I usually use the stroller. I push the stroller and pull the cart behind me. (Have you seen me at the store, I must admit it is a sight to see).
14. He loves the vacuum cleaner.
15. He is starting to get protective of Mattie. He will do little things like put his arm on her or over her when they are in the stroller together.

The pictures say it all.....

A few weeks ago Ruth, who is a friend took some pictures of the kids. Below are just a few of what she took. I love the pictures and the expressions along with the curiosity and personality.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tighty Whities

This is one of those pictures that will haunt your child when they are older. The other night Mattie was playing with the clothes in the laundry basket. She was playing with Michael's underwear and kept putting them on her feet. I decided to put a pair on her and this is what she looks like.


This year Dan & I took the kids trick-or-treating at Dan's mom and dad's house. Mattie and David would not sit still for the pictures and Mattie had a hat that matched the tie but the hat was missing. Yesterday I found it underneath the living room couch. (I've should have known to look since that is were everything ends up) Hopefully I will get a picture of her in the hat because she looks so cute. I should add that David and Mattie were clowns and Michael was Batman. All 3 kids loved trick-or-treating. Dan and I took turns pulling Mattie and David in the wagon. David as usual had no expression just watched everything in awe. Mattie waved at everyone and laughed when someone put candy in her bucket. If you stuck your hand in her bucket she would swipe it away. Michael loved it but when we told him we were all done he said "yippee... I'm finally done" and ran into the house. I think he wanted to play with his new monsters trucks that his grandma and grandpa bought him. It was a wonderful night!

That night the kids stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's house so Dan and I could attend a Halloween party. They are some friends of Dan's through work. Every year they have a unbelievable Halloween party. The theme for their party this year was "The Grinch that stole Halloween". Dan and I originally had a great costume idea but it fell through because I was unable to find a dress or costume for my character. We ended up going as a Pilot and Flight Attendant. I had a basket with peanut packages and handed them out at the party. I don't have many pictures of the party but hopefully I can get some from other people, I want the picture of Dan and I sitting on Santa's lap (Santa did not wear red he wore black)

Monday, October 26, 2009

I like to sit next to the boys

Todays conversation with Michael about pre-school:

Mom: How was pre-school?
Michael: Good.
Mom: Was Isac there?
Michael: Yes, and so was Jaxon and Jacob?
Mom: Did you sit next to them?
Michael: Yes.
Mom: Did you sit next to any girls?
Michael: No, I only like to sit next to the boys.
Mom: Oh... How come you don't like to sit next to any girls?
Michael: Because boys fart and if I need to fart I want to fart by the boys.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Stuff

"Yea, you found me"

"Hey-I'm in here"

Mattie's new glasses

This week the boys had their well checks.

Michael -age 5
Weight: 43 pounds
Height: 44.75 inches

David - age 11 months
Weight: 19.5 lbs
Height: 29.5 inches

Both boys are growing so much and I imagine {and hope} that they will both be tall. I'm not 100 sure on Mattie but when she was at the doctor at the beginning of October she weighed 21 lbs and i'm guessing she is about 3 inches taller than David.

Also this week Mattie got her new glasses and I have to say she looks so darn cute. She is a little bit better about wearing this pair. Also this week she has really worked hard on using the toy push walker. She is taking a few steps and is even starting to bend her knee when she takes the step. She is so proud of her self for doing it. The problem is little brother.... He loves this toy and has no problem pushing Mattie out of the way to use it.

On Thursday Mattie kept pointing at Michael's shows and I kept saying Michael. After many times of this she said "dichael" Oh... I was so excited. She has not said it since then but we are still working on it and soon it will be another word for her.

David has a new thing he likes to do. He will go into a room and close the door. Then start calling out to us. When we go and find him I will call his name and then he sticks his fingers under the door. I will open the door just a little bit and then he will open the rest stick his head around the door and give ya this big ol' smile. It is so funny.

Michael has been really enjoying pre-school and is doing really well. He has made some great friends and the rumor is a little girl in his class has a crush on him and she even gave him a kiss. He is a great little guy and a big helper to Dan and I. He loves to play with Mattie and David. He always has them laughing about something. Mattie and David find Michael funnier than Dan and I.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Memories

When I think about fall I think about bright colors, cooler weather and the smell. In Arizona you look forward to this time with a glimmering hope that the 100 degree days are over. I get excited to think that it will start to cool off and the idea of buying things such as pumpkins, flowers, and apples. I get excited to buy fall decor and to decorate for the season and upcoming fall time holidays. For Halloween, the big mystery of what to be for Halloween this year dances in my head. As a parent it is fun to dress your kids ups and with older children to see their excitement of what they want to be is pure joy. As a little kid I grew up in a rural area and we did not have any neighbors that were close to us. For Halloween my parents would take us to the town carnival. It was not until I was 9 years old that I got to experience trick or treating for the first time.

There are many memories and thoughts that I associate with fall but I have one in particular that I want to share. Every year on Halloween my brother and I would receive a package from my Grandma and Grandpa Anderson. With the package was a note.

“The other night as I was getting ready for bed I heard a noise and then a knock on the door. It was an old ugly witch and she had a special treat for you. She wanted me to send this to you because she thought that you might like it. I told her thank you and that I’m sure my grand kids will enjoy it. As I took the package I watched her hop on her broom say her magic word and watch her fly off into the dark sky.”

I looked forward to this special package every year because it was always fudge. As a little kid I could not believe that a witch stopped at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Payson and brought my brother and I fudge. I always had a picture of what the witch would look like and how she looked on her broom. I guess I believed that it could really be a witch, because I used to think the lady who lived a few houses down from Grandma and Grandpa was a witch.

Grandma and Grandpa are gone and the package does not get delivered anymore but in my heart the memory still lives. There have been a few times I tried to re-create the fudge recipe and it never turns out. I guess there is only one person who has the magic touch.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

David's new toy is the trash can because he can push it around the kitchen

The vacuum cleaner is the favorite toy. It is hard to tell in the picture but Mattie and David like to lick it. Weird? Gross? It is a great tool to use when I need to occupy them.

I love this picture of Mattie with her new shopping cart. The look on her face as she is looking at Dan is priceless. The cart will hopefully help her in getting to walk (notice the leg braces)

Typical Monday

Monday's are usually filled with doctor appointments or running errands. Yesterday was both but had some bonus fun added into it. My mom came over at 6 AM to watch the boys so Dan and I could take Mattie to Phoenix Children's Hospital for her barium swallow test. She did great and has some improvement but still has to use thickener in her liquids. I should clarify for people who don't know that a barium swallow for kid is different than adults. She sits in this funky looking chair and I feed her food and drinks with the barium mixture added into it. The test takes about 30 minutes. After the test we drove to Cracker Barrel at the 17 and Deer Valley Rd (I know crazy) for breakfast. It was a chore getting there because the freeway exit was closed. We had to back track use some side streets and after making a wrong turn finally figured it out and then realizing a huge billboard sign said "Cracker Barrel Turn Here". I told Dan I think someone is mocking us. After that we went to Easley's Fun Shop and looked around for Halloween costume ideas for all of us. We got some costume props for the kids and I'm so excited for Halloween so they can wear them because they will be so darn cute! After Easley's we went to Carolina's to get some delicious tortillas. If anyone has been there you know what I'm talking about. As we entered the tiny run down restaurant the smell of the savory food over-whelmed us and we decided to once again fill our already full stomachs. After we paid our OUCH 35 dollar bill. we walked OK wobbled away with very happy bellies and freshly made tortillas and tamales. After lunch we went to Chandler Mall to walk around. Before leaving we headed into See's Candies for our free sample and we left with a purchase of Pecan Clusters that we snacked on the way home. Mattie had the best spirit all day long. She has a great personality and waves at everyone but yesterday she was double happy. Dan and I think it was because it was just her and she was getting all the attention from mom and dad. When we got home we put Mattie's new shopping cart together and played with the kids for the afternoon. I feel the need to lose an additional 10 pounds for all of the eating but it was worth it for the wonderful day that I spent with Dan and Mattie. It was also wonderful to come home to my boys and play with them.

P.S. Any guesses on what we had for dinner?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I love these outfits so much and soooo describes their little personalities. They are all over the place, into everything and make the big messes. Dan and I crack up every time we see these little monkey butts. It makes me want to wash these outfits every night and have them wear them for bedtime every night. It was Michael who found the outfit for David and I checked and sure enough they had the girl version.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Last night Michael was playing with one of his police guys and he told Dan.

"Dad look my guy has a set of knockers just like you"

Dan and I both looked at him.


"He has a pair of knockers like you" "see"

"Oh,ya he does he has a pair binoculairs just like I do".

Friday, October 2, 2009

Notice Something Missing

I had a free cake coupon at Bashas and that it what I used for Michael's Birthday cake. Unfortunately they missed the word "birthday" on the cake. Dan and I thought it was funny and felt that we had no room to complain since it was a free cake.

I guess that is what I get for being cheap!

Friday, September 25, 2009

"911 What is your Emergency"

"If your happy and you know clap your hands," If your happy and you know it clap your hands"...................... Come on we all know the song and once you hear it, it sits in your head. Well today David was playing with a toy that plays this famous song. I was getting ready to take Michael to pre-school when I hear a loud, hard knock on the door. I thought holy hummer who is knocking at the door this early in the morning. At first I thought that sounds like a police knock but when I looked through my trusty peep-hole I did not see anyone. All of sudden I see a tan sleeve move from the corner. I opened the door and there was a nice PCSO Deputy at the door. "Hi- Could someone possibly dialed 911". Hmmmm I thought I said it is possible. I went to were little David was and sure enough in his hand was the phone and it was on talk. I hang up the phone and check the last number called and sure enough it started out as 911 and then many numbers and even symbols after it. I showed it to the Deputy and told him it was a 10 month old culprit. All the while David was smiling. So our first 911 call was done by David and the entire time the dispatcher could here the song and I'm sure some babbling was mixed in. Dan said at least it was not a time when David was crying. Imagine that?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Have you ever lost something....

In the past 2 weeks I have lost 2 expensive items and 1 not so expensive item. The first were my set of car keys. I'm not worried about the house key but the key to van is expensive to replace. It has the remote on the key and I called today and was told it will be around $100.00 to get a new one. For know I have been using the spare key but eventually I will have to get the extra key because I'm a expert at locking my keys in the vehicle. The next is Mattie's glasses. I have tried so hard to take care of these darn things and she just will not wear them. She is constantly taking them off and throwing them. Sometimes I will notice it and other times I have not caught it and end up going back to a store to get them. Anyways her glasses disappeared and they are no where to be found. I searched top and bottom for them and called every place that I went to last week and this week. What kills me is they are expensive and finding a pair of glasses that fits her is hard because her face is so tiny. I can go back to the place that we got her first glasses but they do not take insurance so it would be another out of pocket expense. Since Mattie know has state insurance they will cover glasses but finding the glasses is hard and the places that do have them don't cover materials (glasses).
My third loss and it is not a big one but I bought the new Dan Brown book last week. I know for 100 percent that I left it at the place were Mattie gets her out patient therapy. I called and no one has turned the book in. It makes me so mad that there are such dishonest people out there who take things that don't belong to them. I don't care what the object is, it is just plain dishonest.

So there are my losses for the past 2 weeks. I feel so irresponsible and it is frustrating. At least I can say I still have my kids and I've managed to keep track of them. I think I need to start attaching a string to me with objects attached to the string. Maybe I can create a new trend!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

There were 23 of us total on Labor Day Weekend

The past weekend we enjoyed a weekend at the cabin. Dan,myself and the 3 little ones were the first to arrive on Friday afternoon. We got up there around 3:30 and it was 62 degrees outside. It was instant relief from the heat. When Dan opened up the doors that go underneath the cabin to turn the electricity on, a bat fell from the door and almost hit him. It laid on the ground and at dusk if flew away. As long as I can remember we always had a bat that would sit at one of the kitchen windows around this time of year. Around 9 on Friday night the rest of the troops arrived. That came to a total of 9 adults and 12 kids. On Saturday all of the kids played outside. The were either up on the mountainside that is behind the cabin or down at the creek. It started raining around 12 and did not stop until 4. The rain really got the creek running. Debbie who is my sister-in-law, her parents came up that afternoon, which brought the total to 11 adults. Her Dad Brent was kind enough to do shifts with the little kids and take them all on Jeep rides. Michael loved it and has been telling everyone about his jeep ride up in the mountains. On Saturday I made a huge dinner and then after dinner the men went to town to get a few items that had been left behind and of course some munchies cravings. They were gone a total of 3 hours (1 hour each way to town and back and another hour at Wal-Mart). Dan and I left on Sunday and everyone else left on Monday. The weather was great, the food was great. The kids had a blast outside getting muddy and finding all sorts of rocks and sticks to show the parents. It was the usual cabin trip of walks,naps, and endless card games. For whatever reason I can not type next to the pictures. But we did a group picture of everyone minus one guy who was still sleeping and my niece who was hiding in the crowd. I took many pictures of Michael,David and Mattie. The picture of the 3 girls are Marissa (friends daughter), Mylie (my niece who is the same age as Mattie) and of course Mattie. Michael was hooked on the toy gun all weekend and every picture he had to pose with the gun.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Once again it's about the bike

I know I've heard it before they are ugly and you would not be caught dead riding one. I think they are kind of cool and the fact that the company is giving a bike away every week is even cooler. I would not pay the $1300.00 so I figure maybe I have a chance at winning.

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday night Movie and Popcorn

More like popcorn and a mess...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm looking for a babysitter on Tuesdays for Michael and David. Mattie was approved for another 24 weeks of extra therapy. The times would be from 12-4. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Where is David

The other day I was sweeping the floor and I could hear David playing but did not know where he was. When I was done sweeping I went to check on him and I could not find him. I called his name and he babbled, I checked the bedrooms and bathroom and no David. I called his name again and he babbled. As I was coming out of the bedroom I see his little bald head peek around the laundry room door. My first reaction was...... what is he doing. When I went to get him I realized he was in the laundry basket. My guess is he pulled himself up to the basket, tried to reach for something and fell in.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of Pre-School

Michael started pre-school this week. He was so excited to start. He woke up on Saturday all ready to go and then started crying when I told him he had 2 more days. He was up early Monday morning and even go himself dressed, of course he dressed himself from the to small pile that is in his closet. He had on a pair of Pajama Pants and a Spider man T-shirt. This is his last year in pre-school and then he is Kindergarden.