Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Random Pictures

Michael and Mattie fell asleep on my bed tonight. Yes Michael is sleeping with his hand tucked inside his pants. Also this is how Mattie sleeps. She sticks her legs in front of her and then bends over. She will move through the night but most of the time this is how she ends up.

David fell asleep playing with his trains.

Mattie was hanging on the oven door when it came open. (Don't worry it was not on). She just laid on the floor with this expression on her face.


I'm usually the one behind the camera so I don't have that many pictures of me and the kids. I was excited to have some pictures of me and the kids celebrating my birthday. My birthday was in December and we had a early dinner (that is what old people do right!) at Outback Steakhouse. I have not had a steak in months and I mean monthS with a big S on the end. That is what I wanted for birthday was a steak and red velvet cheesecake. I got the steak but no cheesecake but did have a third best and that was Bahama Bucks. My birthday was simple which is what I wanted. I was able to help out in Michael's classroom in the morning. The kids new it was my birthday and one boy kept asking me how old I was. I would tell him he had to guess or I was so many years older than he was. He could not figure it out. Every guess was in the range of 60 and 90's. I would laugh and tell him to try again. Dan got me a Kindle and I love it. Anyone knows me, will know that I am a avid reader. Any suggestions? I love having multiple books on hand anytime and I will admit I am also addicted to Scrabble.

Thankful Feast

Mattie's classroom held a Thankful Feast for the parents. It was very cute and the kids sang a few songs and then had a lunch for the parents. I have to say as a mom these are the moments that I look forward to. I love and I'm grateful that I can attend events at the school. I remember as a kid doing different things and having my parents be there. I love having that memory and I am glad that I can do the same. I love the smile on my childrens face when they see me and later at home they will tell me I saw you today at my school.

Mattie realized I was there.

This is Mattie and Madison. Madison's parents are friends of ours. The dads work together and knew each other before we had Mattie and they had Maddie. They are know in pre-school together. The funny thing is @ first they did not get along. Madison use to slap my Mattie. Things have know changed and both can be around each other but under a watchful eye.

David turns 3

David had his third Birthday in November. It was a nice day and we hung around the house and did not make any big plans. No one was feeling good this day. Michael was getting over strep and David was coming down with croup. I still try to make it fun and put balloons over the house and had pizza, cake and ice cream and invited a few of the neighborhood boys over for cake. I took David to the store so we could get him a cake and he held onto the cake box and told me many times "my cake". He also has become really interested in trains and that is what he got for his birthday. He was so excited to play with them. Michael and his friends helped him build the train tracks. It was a great day and nice to just relax and play. My little D man has is growing up and actually is our funny one in the family. He is still shy around other people and also has is very inpatient and can throw wonderful "fits". Other times he is sweet as can be. All in all he is one darn cute kid and I'm thankful for him.

His expression when Dan lite the candles on the cake.

Star Student

Since the beginning of the school year Michael has been working so hard to become the weekly star student for his class. In November he finally got to be star student. I had lunch with him at the school. His lunch choice was Subway. I sat down next to him and I noticed a few boys staring at me but did not think anything about it. Finally one of the boys sitting next to Michael said "Um does your mom know she is sitting on the boys side". Sure enough the table is divided by the girls on one side and the boys on the other. So I got up and sat across from him on the girls side. The pictures are of the poster that Michael and I made for him to take to school.

The top picture is an all about me poster:
Favorite Place: Lego store, family cabin and haunted cabin, Grandma & Grandpa's house, toy store and Quick Trip.
Favorite Things to Do: Play Lego's, play the Wii, play with friends, go to the movie's with grandma and cousins, read books and Lego magazine, play outside and play army.
If I had one wish: It would be to own all the Lego's.
When I grow up I want to be: A Police Officer.