Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yesterday was the Sharing Down Syndrome Walk. This is the first year that we have attended that walk and it was a lot fun but there were some down parts. I hate to say that but it is true. I would do it again next year and next year we would like to get a team together. I had a friend say oh I just have a few people on my team and she had like 25 people. I thought it was funny. She had cute shirts made and she was doing it in support of her son who had Down Syndrome who passed away about 1 year ago at the age of 4 from leukemia. The walk was at Tempe Diablo Stadium and the walk consist of walking around the baseball field while people cheer you. There are tons of booths set up for kids to do activities and food and a few bouncy play areas. Every thing was free except for some food things. Blue Bell and Jamba Juice was there and they were handing out free ice cream and drinks. Unfortunately with Mattie and David still being young and needing help on things we did not do a lot and there were long lines for the bouncy house. The kids wanted to get there face painted and we got in a line that had no wait and we knew why. The girl was getting her entire face painted and the girl doing it was slow. After 5 minutes of waiting and Mattie and David playing in a ice chest filled with water bottles we gave up. We got to do a few other things and walk around and thought that we would buy some lunch there. When I looked at the tables where we could sit every single table was filled with trash. Not just a cup or plate but the entire table had stuff on it. At that point it was getting to warm outside and I was not in the mood to clean up after other people and we left. We ended up at Costco to get a few groceries and bought hot dogs for the kids there. The plus side cheaper and bigger hot dogs. At the event there was a large group of cheerleaders. We told Michael to go ask if he could have his picture taken with them and he said no way. I offered him a dollar and it was a no taker. So the next time we saw some cheerleaders I said 2 dollars and still no way. When we were leaving we saw the entire group taking a rest in some shade and Dan offered him 3 dollars and he said ok I will do it. So I approached a girl and he asked if Michael could have his picture taken with her and she said of course next thing I know the entire group is around us and they had Mattie and David. David did not want to stay so I sat with him. Michael got 3 dollars and we all got our picture taken with cheerleaders. Of course there was blur spot on the lens so the picture turned out with a white spot on it.

Eating and Sleeping

I love moments like this one when your kids fall asleep during the day doing something. I'm not sure what David was eating but it looks like pie. In the middle of the day I'm usually tuckered out. and It is good to know that sometimes they get tuckered out by me once in a while. I also love Mattie's expression in the picture. After the picture she tried to wake David up.


This year the garden was bigger than ever and I was up to my ears in produce. We decided to try something new and plant the watermelon along the fence this year and let it grow. It did grow and we did get watermelon but for whatever reason not like the past summers. We did have one big watermelon that weighed 28 lbs and it was yummy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dan's uh.... what birthday is this?

Sorry there are tons of pictures on this post. Dan celebrated his birthday last month. I did a small party with family and friends. I ordered a large sub and had chips and dips and salads. I ordered his cake from my favorite Bakery. I made individual peach pies in mason jars and a apple pie which is Dan's favorite. We all had a great time and learned that Dan yes is a fast runner. My 13 year old nephew thought he could out run Dan and so at 8 that night there was a race in the street to see who was faster. Dan beat Lane 3 times but we also learned that Michael is a fast runner who also beat Lane running. Dan received some great theme gifts and some also really nice gifts. Of course I forgot to take pictures of the funny gifts but I think I managed to get a picture of the tennis balls.


One morning I walked into the kitchen and saw this laying on the floor. I did not put it together and just thought one of the little one's took it out of the trash.

Later in the morning I opened the cupboard to get a pan a saw this.....

Then I figured it out...... Someone decided to make breakfast and I think it may have been this little guy.