Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back to School

Pictures of Michael and Mattie the first day back to school after Christmas break. Look at those smiles! Also everyday David goes with me to take Mattie to her classroom. I took a picture of all the kids walking into the school this week. It is a little hectic in the morning and when I have David and Mattie who like to take off it can be a challenge sometimes. Michael waits by the van and holds David's hands while I get Mattie. He then holds his hand and helps him across the parking lot, while I help Mattie with her walker.

Random stuff

All I can say is David got into the dish soap. He climbed onto the counter and decided to experiment with dish soap. What is funny is when I walked into the kitchen he saw me said "Uh-oh" and grabbed some paper towels and tried to clean it up.

Mattie loves to get onto the computer or the desk draws every chance that she gets. Which is why the doors to the den are usually locked. This time she got passed me and decided to get into the draw and throw stuff out and then sit in it. I've learned that it is not a place to keep makers.

David's loves a stuff bear and the bear is not far from him at all times. At Christmas time he also became obsessed with a strand of Christmas lights and he would put them in his bed at night time. I decided to not fight it and after he would fall asleep I would remove them from the bed.

Do you see what I see

Before Christmas I could not find David's glasses. I searched and searched the house and cleaned and dug through everything. After four days I was sitting next to Mattie and David and I noticed a army guy and a car in the Chrismtas tree. Then the light went off and I wondered what else is in the tree and sure enough after finding a few more small objects I saw his glasses on the backside of the tree stuck way in the back. Silly boy.

Christmas 2010

Dan and I survived Christmas. We had so much fun this year shopping for the kids and we bought stuff during the year so when it was time to survey the presents we were amazed at how much stuff there was. We set a budget and we came in under budget so we were proud of ourselves for that. The kids did not get big presents but got what they needed and of course some toys. Michael wanted a police Lego set and clothes. Mattie and David had no request but both got Lego's and clothes and other toys. Also grandparents on both sides of the family bought either scooters or little trikes for the kids. Since then Dan and I have been busy putting together Lego sets. I have to admit that I'm pretty good at putting them together. I will have to post a picture one day of my creations. Christmas Eve was low key and my dad came over. Christmas day was very nice. I think this is the first year that Michael really knew about Christmas and he was excited. He had a hard time going to bed and kept getting out of bed to either go to the bathroom or get a drink. The last time was around 1 am and I all I can say was we almost got caught putting presents out. On Christmas morning Michael was up at 6:00 and Mattie and David were up around 7:00. Grandma and Grandpa Hurd came over in the morning and my side of the family came over in the evening. The day was wonderful and we played with all the new toys and by time night time came we were all so exhausted.