Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Budget Cuts

Ok-lately I have been quiet about politics and budget cuts because I try to avoid conflict and also I'm so tired of talking and hearing about it. Not tonight. The state (governor) has decided that qualifying disabled children from birth to 3 years of age no longer need to receive any therapy services such as speech,occupational,physical and feeding. As of March 1st and parents were notified this week that there services will be cut. It is so sad to hear this news. If anyone has a child we receives therapy services rather at home or in school and yes school therapies will be affected as well then know how beneficial these services are. If you don't have a child but know someone who is close to with a disability and benefit from therapy services then you should know what it is like, if you don't I urge you to discuss this. Kids with disabilities have a hard time learning certain movements and task that you and learn naturally and take for granted everyday. I have also heard that some state representatives have said things like these kids really don't need these services because in the future they are not going to benefit society. There have been huge rallies help at the capital over this issue and other issues. Not only does this cut affect children but it also affects jobs, yes more people will lose their jobs or have a big reduction in pay. It also affects things such as foster care and cps care. If anyone who would like to help in fighting for the cause please let me know and I can get you the information. Also anyone reading this does not understand something or has a question please let me know. Ok that is my little political spill.

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  1. The Government SUCKS. I am glad you started a blog. I love all the pictures.