Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So much to blog about

For whatever reason I can't not type next to the pictures. So I'm going write about everything up here. First David can finally sit up! Yea baby D! He has been pulling himself up to stand for about a month and will even cruise the couch but he would not situp on his own. On Sunday he just decided hey I can do this and does it all the time know. A few weeks ago I made pancakes for breakfast (I know fancy) and Mattie got a plate that had tons of syrup on it and she dumped it on her head. I went to give her a bath and came out to get the camera and when I went back into the bathroom there she was standing at the bathtub. (Yea little M.J!) This is the first time she has pulled to stand on her own. Last week she was measured for leg braces and the braces will improve her standing and eventually will lead into walking. When she stands know she locks her legs and knees and turns her feet inwards. In July I received some free tickets for the circus. I took Michael and Mattie and a friends little boy who in exchange watched David for me that night. It was great and all 3 kids loved it. Michael sat at the edge of the seat the entire time. Mattie clapped and waved her hands around with the music and she even sat still through the performance. One picture is of Michael and Garrett in front of a circus box car. The other picture is Mattie and I. Her cheeks are stuffed with popcorn (one of the big factors in getting her to sit still). The kids had a great time and I'm glad that we had the opportunity to go. Micheal said his favirote part was the tigers and the guy shooting out of the canyon.


  1. Such cute pics of Mattie...YAY that she is standing. How fun to get to go to the circus. My kids have NEVER been. I need to catch the show next time it comes.

  2. Hey Tish!! Of course I remember you silly!! Your baby is growing so fast, they do that though. Yea for Mattie on standing!!!!! She is still just the cutest girl around huh! I am glad that you found our blog so that I can keep up with you guys too!