Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mattie's Third Birthday

Yesterday (Monday) was Mattie's third birthday. Dan and I blew up balloons and put them in her room. She did not see them until I went in to get her from the crib. She peeked through the slats in the crib and made her excited face. The kids are having a blast playing with all of the balloons. At pre-school Mattie brought Chocolate Chip Cookies to share with her class and the teacher made her a Happy Birthday Crown. After Michael's T-ball game we came home for a Spaghetti dinner and then cake, ice cream and presents. Mattie and David were so tired from the long and day and neither one napped. So the birthday celebration went pretty fast. For her birthday she got a wooden rocking chair and a cradle and changing table for her baby dolls.

It is hard to tell but they are dancing in this picture. David and Mattie's version of dancing is moving your arms around. Every once in a while you can get David to stand and he will rock back and forth.

I want to take the time to write a little bit about Mattie. Her favorite word is that. She can also say cat,dad,mama, want that, bye, hi, and done. She can also sign, more, please, drink, eat, baby, night-night, hi, bye,no and all done. She is still learning to walk and about a month ago she got a walker and that has really helped her. Mattie is very friendly and loving and waves hi every where we go. If we are at a stop light she will wave to the car next to us. She also stands at the TV and waves to the people on TV. On Tuesdays we go into town for her therapy session and when she walks into the waiting room she stops and waves at everyone before she walks over to me. Mattie loves music and dancing. She recently learned "patty cake" and through out the day she will start doing it on her. Mattie loves her brothers. She thinks the world of Michael and is always laughing at him and of course the times that she will scream at him. She also loves "baby" David and together we call them "frick and frat". They are pretty much always together and they both know how to cause problems and messes like you would not believe. There are many times I hang my head in disbelief. There is never a dull moment with Mattie. She is so precious and over the 3 years has over come many things. Mattie is tough, strong, and never gives up. Oh I should mention that Mattie absolutely hates her hair combed.


Saturday Mattie had a birthday party with family and friends. Dan and I did not take any pictures except when we sang Happy Birthday to her. There is also a picture of David with a bottle of Coke. He quickly figured out how to drink soda out of glass bottle and we had a heck of a time getting it from him.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Mattie! She's adorable! Love the pics.

  2. Tish!! Remember when we were talking like 2 weeks ago on the phone and u said you entered that contest on my blog for scentsy... did u see you won!!! I just saw that!!! HOW COOL!!!!