Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Haircut for Mattie

Mattie got her haircut today and I love it. The pictures really don't show how cute it is. In some of the pictures you can see bald spots. In the past few weeks her hair has been falling out like crazy. She has a autoimmune disease called propecia which causes bald spots. There is not much that can be done but we do have a appointment with a dermatologist just to make sure it is nothing else or related to some other stuff she has going on. The hair loss comes in spurts and unfortunately this is the time for it to happen. Her hair is thin and brittle and tangles easy. At first I was going to get it trimmed but the lady talked to me about doing a bob style and defining the bangs that were growing. She looks so cute and I think it makes her look a little bit older. I love Mattie with her pig tails but she is not the girl who keeps her hair done, she was always pulling the pig tails out. I've tried ribbons and bows and barrettes and she pulls them out. This new style is easy to maintain, less combing and Mattie won't have to pull anything out.

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