Thursday, March 31, 2011

It has been a long time

Here I sit at night thinking of all the stuff I should do but I don't get it done. I need to pay bills, fold laundry do the dishes sweep and mop the floor for the trillion time this week, well at least that is what it feels like. Reminds me... today I watched the you tube video about the twin boys talking to each other. You know the one right? Anyways it is cute and blah blah but for some reason I noticed their house and just stuff laying around and I though oh good their house looks like mine. I wonder if it is wrong to think this way. I always imagine everyone has this perfect clean house and my house looks like a tornado has hit it 3 times or at least that is how I feel. The laundry oh the laundry and the dishes seriously I know why paper products were invented.

Anyways back to subject Everyone is asleep and here I sit drinking ruby red squirt. I'm not a squirt fan and when I was pregnant with David I had to go to the ER to be hydrated because I threw up so much. Nice huh? On a side note I had to do this with all of my kids. I hardly gained weight while pregnant from being so sick. I think with Michael I finally gained around 15 lbs, Mattie was around 6 and David I never gained any weight. Anyways the nurse said when she was pregnant she would crave squirt. So after I left the ER, Dan and I went to Quick Trip and I got a squirt. I threw it up. So gross. Anyways about a year ago my friend had ruby red squirt at her house and since then I've been hooked only on ruby red squirt but it is a occasional drink I rather have caffeine Coke, Pepsi, Diet DP.

Speaking of Quick Trip does anyone feel that QT is a staple in their life.

Funny story about my friend you know the one with the Ruby Red Squirt. A few weeks ago her son left his sandal in my van. Well I took my kids on their first bike ride in the bike trailer and I was going to take it to her but I forgot to do it. Then I could not find the sandal but the last time I remember seeing it was on my kitchen counter. I searched the house for three days and could not find it. I felt so bad for losing the sandal that I bought a new pair of sandals. Today she called me to say "Hey funny story but I found the sandal". Well it turns out she was driving down the street this week and saw a sandal on the side of the road. She said she thought to herself oh how weird someone else is missing a sandal like my son is. The next day she drove by it and the sandal was still there. She had the feeling to stop and it was her son's missing batman sandal. Either Mattie or David took the sandal and threw it out of the bike trailer.

Speaking of Mattie and David those two are a handful and by the end of the day I'm so tired. It is constant with them and they both have figured out how to open the freezer and refrigerator doors. The front door is always locked with the chain on, doors to the garage and bathrooms and the den are either locked or have child safety knobs on them. Currently Mattie's favorite thing to do is take her plate or bowl from the kitchen table and take it to the living and sit in front of the TV to eat. David likes to take the cushion's off the couch and oh take things when I'm not looking and dump it on the couch.

Michael is playing baseball and is getting better and this past game he won the game ball. He hit the ball each time he was up to bat and made 2 runs for the team. The third he got out because our team had already scored 5 runs and that is part of the rules. He has been so happy about it and wants to tell everyone about his game ball.

Today Dan mowed the lawn in the back and I worked on the garden. I convinced him to let me plant Eggplant. I also re-planted some stuff. The garden is big and I really hope it grows. Wanna hear the list. Pickling cucumbers, Burpless cucumbers, potatoes, okra, corn and green beans, watermelon, zucchini, strawberries, artichoke plant, jalapenos, red and green chili's, lettuce, onion, tomatoes (8 plants) broccoli, cabbage, cilantro, and eggplant. We also have grape vines, a peach tree, apple trees, blueberries and black berries and a rose bush. I will have to post pictures of the garden and talk about it at a later time. Especially why I have 10 maybe 11 Zucchini plants. Crazy huh.

Well those are my random thoughts so know I should do some work. Stay tune for more post. Valentines day present, baseball, What Mattie and David did, the garden etc...

Oh one more thing David likes to watch baseball know and eat strawberries. This is more for my record. I should write it in my journal.

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