Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mattie and David Field Trip to the Zoo

In April David and Mattie had a field trip to the zoo. Both of the kids go to the same pre-school but are in different classes. I was a little worried about how it would go because usually each when will go in different directions. I brought the chariot (double stroller) and they both rode in it, so I had a easy time of keeping track of them. I walked around the zoo with another mom who's daughter is in David's class and her daughter had Down Syndrome. I thought David would be really excited to go and ride on the bus and to my surprise he did not like it. I had a hard time getting him on the bus. Once on the bus he laid his head in my lap and would only look up every once in a while. I wonder if he had motion sickness but he does great in the car. I think it was just to much for him and the bus was noisy. Mattie on the other hand loved it. She sat next to me or in the seat across from me next to another little boy. We walked around and saw all that we could see. The kids loved the monkeys and the elephants. David also liked the tractors. Mattie is still a little shy from the real animals so she kept her distance from them. She has been learning the signs for different animals and she was able to sign the names of the animals that she knew.

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