Monday, September 3, 2012

Quick trip to Payson

Over Labor Day Weekend we took a day trip to Payson. Payson is one of my favorite places to visit. I was born in Payson and my grandparents lived in Payson. I spent many summers, weekends and holidays in Payson. Went I went to college at NAU I would often drive to Payson and stay with my Grandma for the weekend. She would help me out by giving me gas money but it was always in change and it was usually nickels. I would also stop by my aunt and uncles house in Pine. I had to visit around dinner time because they would be liquored up for the night and they became very generous. I also got to eat dinner with them. My aunt loved to can and she would give me food and my uncle would give me money. My grandparents are buried in Payson along with one of my uncles (same uncle that lived in Pine). I loved driving through Payson and just remembering everything. I'm amazed at how much the town has changed but also how things have stayed the same. When we were leaving I stood outside for a few minutes and I loved how it smelled. The pines and the cool air with a little bit of rain, it definitely brings back memories. We went to Payson for a few reasons. First I had a friend who's kids were doing a fundraiser so they can raise money to go to New York with the school. Their Grandpa (who has known my family before I was born) has a side business. He does a deep pit bbq and smoked a bunch of meat and was selling it. I ordered a few roast and so I needed to pick it up. The second reason was a good friend of mine was getting married around Christopher Creek area. My mom also spent a few days in Payson with her good friend and she rode home with us. While we were in Payson I took a few pictures of the kids at the wedding. David was the photographer and took pictures of Dan and I.

A few funny things that happened. While we were getting ready to leave I had the ice chest sitting on the ground and I was putting laundry away and David came into the room with the lid and said "Mattie broke it". I walked out to the front room and found Mattie sitting in the ice chest. I don't know who broke it but have a good idea it was both of them. David blames everything on Mattie and Mattie blames everything on him. We needed the cooler to bring the meat home in so we had to duck tape the lid down. I figured it was our redneck moment for the trip. Also when we got home Michael was asleep and I woke him up and he said "What is my butt to big, do I need to scoot over". I have no idea what he was dreaming about.

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