Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mattie's 6th Birthday

Mattie turned 6 at the end of April.  She weights 32lbs and is 38 inches tall.  She is talking more and very active and can be very sweet and mischief at the same time.   some of her words:

Coco for Michael
A-id for David
Papa for Grandma and Grandpa and pretty much everything else
Dod  for Dad
Mum    Sometimes she will say Mom like Candance on Phineas and Pherb
No  I would say this is her favorite word

She likes to watch Good Luck Charlie, Jessie, and Phineas and Pherb. She likes to swim and will just go for it.  She loves music and likes dancing.  Her favorite color is pink.  She loves her baby dolls and will always have one with her.  When she is not playing "babies" she is playing with cars or doing something she is not suppose to be doing, like coloring on walls or empting out a draw or dumping Lego's all over the floor.  She likes to lick everything and oh my it is so gross and Dan and I can't break the habit.  She loves to school and says "hi" to everyone.  Mattie can light up a room and will hug everyone.   Mattie has recently learned to ride her little tricycle and is getting faster when she runs.  She also can jump.  She also likes to hide things.  I could not find my debit card for a few days and I ended up finding it in her school backpack.  I have also found the keys in there. 

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