Friday, April 3, 2009

David is getting over a cold and on Wednesday I noticed his eye was really red and swollen and had a little bit of drainage. He also would not open his eyes and was sleeping a lot and when he was awake he would moan. I made an appointment with the doctor and he was fine with everything except for the eye thing. I could not get him to open his eyes and Michael started talking and he turned his head and open his eyes so the doctor was able to see it. She put some dye in his eye and it looks like he scratched his eye. She is not 100 percent and it could be a eye infection as well but more than likely it was a scratch. She ordered a eye ointment for it but told me to watch it because they have had a few infants with a eye infection were the skin around the eye area is infected and if that is the case it is much worse and possible hospitalization. So know I'm scared and pray it is a scratch and i also feel horrible because a few days before I was thinking I need to trim his nails and if I would have done it this probably would not have happened. So my poor little guy is not feeling well, won't open his eyes and moans. Well I decided to trim his nails and what happens I clip to far and get part of the skin on his thumb. He is crying and bleeding and the bleeding won't stop because he won't stop crying and he keeps making a fist. Finally after 30 minutes he calms down and I get the bleeding to stop and I feel double horrible. My poor little man. I'm happy to report that his eye is better. it is still a little red and swollen but at least he will open it.


  1. I am glad he is feeling better.

  2. Poor little guy. Sick kids are no fun...I hate feeling helpless. Glad he is feeling better.