Tuesday, May 12, 2009


rocks and a swing-what a good combination

I wonder what he is looking at

Don't you love the p.j.'s

There is so much to say about Michael. First is he is a busy little boy who has a wonderful imagination. He is full of creativity,questions and happiness. Michael wakes early and will stay up late if I let him. He is a great big brother to Mattie and David. This morning there was a chocolate milk incident and it had spilled all over the carpet in the front room. I was cleaning the carpet and David is in the bouncer crying because his bottle fell and Michael sits on the floor next to him and starts feeding him. Micheal is very protective of Mattie. Mattie is not always a big fan of the vacuum cleaner and he will pick her up and move her to the next room so she won't be scared. Mattie won't let us get her out of the crib in the morning until Michael comes in to her room. As soon as she sees him she smiles, sits up and starts laughing. Michael loves to play with his friends or any little boy or girl that he meets. He is always inviting little kids to come over and play. Micheal loves to play ghostbusters and still wears his ghostbuster Halloween costume from last year. About a month ago I had a rope tied to my bed and when I asked him what is was for he told me it was to keep the ghost away. He also likes to play spiderman, storm trooper and Indiana Jones. Michael loves to play with his cars, army stuff, little figurine guys (spiderman, batman, star wars guys), trains and anything else. My house is scattered with his toys because he goes from room to room playing with them. I tried to put a limit to how many toys he can bring out but it only works for a day or two.

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