Friday, September 25, 2009

"911 What is your Emergency"

"If your happy and you know clap your hands," If your happy and you know it clap your hands"...................... Come on we all know the song and once you hear it, it sits in your head. Well today David was playing with a toy that plays this famous song. I was getting ready to take Michael to pre-school when I hear a loud, hard knock on the door. I thought holy hummer who is knocking at the door this early in the morning. At first I thought that sounds like a police knock but when I looked through my trusty peep-hole I did not see anyone. All of sudden I see a tan sleeve move from the corner. I opened the door and there was a nice PCSO Deputy at the door. "Hi- Could someone possibly dialed 911". Hmmmm I thought I said it is possible. I went to were little David was and sure enough in his hand was the phone and it was on talk. I hang up the phone and check the last number called and sure enough it started out as 911 and then many numbers and even symbols after it. I showed it to the Deputy and told him it was a 10 month old culprit. All the while David was smiling. So our first 911 call was done by David and the entire time the dispatcher could here the song and I'm sure some babbling was mixed in. Dan said at least it was not a time when David was crying. Imagine that?


  1. That is funny yet not! Little memories to remember for sure

  2. LOL....little turkey. That is hilarious! SO sad we missed Michael's birthday. Hope he had a great party!