Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Love Story

There once was a young guy

And there once was a young girl

Who meet and dated (picture taken in Tucson)

And the one day he proposed to the young woman in front of the Laredo Church in Santa Fe, NM

And they were engaged

And then married

They use to do adventurous things like mountain repelling

And take out of state trips (this one is taken at the Christmas Village in Pigeon Ford, Tennessee)

And after a few years she became this

Then there were 3

And know they are a family

And today (May 20th) they are celebrating 8 years of marriage.


  1. That is such a good looking family picture. Your kids are growing up so fast. I need to come by and visit. Hope you had a great anniversary. Erin

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What a great post! Congrats on 3 darling kids and 8 years of marriage!

  3. So what's up??? We have the same anniversary and I never knew it! How funny! Congrats on eight years! Pete and I celebrated 10 years this year! I love your family picture! So cute! I was looking through one of our high school yearbooks tonight and saw that you had signed one of them. Time sure flies! Glad to see how great you guys are doing! Call me! I still have the same number! :D)