Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yard work

This weekend we all headed outside to do some work in the backyard. Dan taught Michael how to mow the lawn and he really enjoyed, except I realized the picture of him he has a scowl on his face so it looks like he does not like it. David loves the lawn mower and follows it around laughing and screaming. Mattie tolerates it but she hung out on the patio the entire time playing with her garden set. I did not get any pictures of the garden but it is hanging in there. The biggest thing is the zucchini. This week we have pulled 6 giant zucchini's from one plant. We have had a few raspberries and blueberries. I planted spinach early this year and it has done really well and we have been eating that. Also we have had about 5 cucumbers in the past two weeks. Overall everything is growing but I wish it was doing better. The tomatoes are having a hard time. I have gotten a few tomatoes but many of them are still green and I had to trim a lot of brown of the bushes. I honestly think it is because of the cooler the weather we were having. I'm hoping that since it is getting hotter the plants will produce some more.

David in action chasing the lawn mower.

I honestly have no clue why he has a scowl on his face. He honestly liked mowing the lawn. (Notice my pretty flowers in the background)

Another action photo of David chasing the lawn mower. FYI that is apple tree and a grape bush in the background.

Taking a rest from all of the chasing.

Mattie hanging out with mom.

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  1. your backyard is so beautiful. I remember when it was mostly dirt. Everyone looks like they are growing like weeds. :)