Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School

School started in towards the end of July. Michael is in 1st grade and Mattie is in pre-school. Both are doing really well in school and have great teachers. Mattie is in the morning pre-school class so it is David and I for a few hours each day. The one time has been great and I sometimes get things accomplished. Since David has seen Michael and Mattie with backpacks he decided he wanted one to. He know uses one of Michael's old backpacks and will take it with him when we go places.




Mattie and Nancy

Mattie walked into the classroom and went to the reading area

While I was making dinner someone colored on the couch

And then fell asleep.

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  1. They all look cute and ready to go. What did you do about your sofa? I would have freaked!