Monday, July 18, 2011

Cabin Trip

End of June we went to the cabin for a few days. The weather was great, it was warm during the day but cooled down to the mid 60's at night. We borrowed Grandma and Grandpa Hurd's SUV because it has 4 wheel drive and we wanted to do some exploring at the top of the mountain. We went to the Old Dandrea Ranch which was a working ranch around the 1890's. No buildings remain but there is still some fencing in the pasture area. We also went into Prescott the back way "Old Senator Highway" and had a picnic and went to the Sharlot Hall Museum. The kids had so much fun playing and hiking and were so dirty and tired by dinner time. There was no hot water and the water up there is cold so we did old fashion baths with a pot of warm water from the stove. Every trip Michael wants to see the Pink cabin, which at one time many many years ago my Aunt Mattie Lee and Uncle Jimmy owned. We always say the cabin is haunted and sometimes at night you can hear the ghost of Uncle Jimmy whistling.

Just in case anyone picked up on the name Mattie, this is who Mattie is named after. My aunt's real name is Mattie Lee and never Mattie. When Mattie was born Dan and I took out the Lee and gave her my middle name. My Aunt Mattie Lee was my Grandma Anderson's sister(mom side of the family).

Proof that the SUV has seen dirt.


David was so dirty after playing all day.

Mattie chilling on the porch

Picture taken from the top of the mountain when coming back from Prescott. Our cabin is somewhere down below.

David and Michael showing the sticks that they found while hiking up at the top where the mine is.

All 3 showing there sticks.

The haunted pink cabin: Where Aunt Mattie Lee and Uncle Jimmy used to live.

Michael on the porch of the pink cabin. Found some old bones that are kept on the porch. This is proof that it is haunted.

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  1. I am still cracking up about your comment Haunted Cabin. The kiddos all look like they had a great time.