Friday, February 3, 2012

Air Force One

Flying over the house. It is not everyday that you can say Air Force One flew over your house.

See the blue shirt in the middle of the picture. I watched some guy climb over the fence and he was walking through the desert to get closer for a picture of Air Force One. I'm sorry but what a dummy! With all of the security that was surrounding the airport and the protection that goes into the President. Although I do have to say I was impressed with his ability to get over a barb-wire fence and you would think that a airport that is still used as a military purposes also would have better fencing.

My mom and I took the kids and a friends son to see Air Force One when President Obama flew into Mesa-Gateway Airport. As usual I was running late and was not able to see the motorcade. When I was leaving the house I happened to look up and Air Force One was flying over the house. I went ahead and drove down to the airport and was able to pull over and we could see Air Force one from the side of the road. This is my first time seeing the plane and I'm glad that Michael was able to see it. He and Dan were able to talk about Air Force One that night. Dan told him about what happens when the President comes to town. We talked about the special car that the President rides in and how it gets here. Dan took some of his military books out and showed him pictures. Michael then told us he wanted to join the Air Force and maybe one day he could be a Air Force One Pilot.

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