Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Since Mattie has been a year old she has worn glasses. I can't even count the number of glasses that we have gone through because they have either been broken or lost. Lately Mattie will take her glasses off and well she basically hides them. I searched and searched for glasses one weekend. That Monday I took her to school and the first question I was asked was "no glasses today". In a way it makes me feel bad that she is not wearing her glasses but on the other hand she hides them and finding them is not always easy. Well after school I was doing some cleaning and Mattie was playing with this dog and I look down to see this.

I laughed because I never thought that maybe one of her toys would be wearing the glasses. Since then I have seen her put glasses on her baby dolls and even found them in her toy draw. One day last week Michael could not find his shoes. We were running late for school and searched high and low. Michael had to wear his old shoes which are a tad small. I was mad at him for not being responsible. I soon realized that maybe it was not Michael. I searched Mattie's room again and found his shoes in the oven part of her kitchen. All I can say is this little girl is getting good.

In addition to Mattie wearing glasses, David wears glasses. He is better about keeping them on but every once in a while a pair will disappear. David lost his glasses last November but lucky I had a back up pair. Well over the weekend David came to me upset and said "Mattie broke" and he was holding his glasses. I set them up on the half wall thinking I could fix them and later I was in bathroom and saw David's glasses. I thought how did these get in here and then I realized they were not broken. So some how 4 months later David's old pair of glasses show up. I have no idea where they have been but I can honestly say that Mattie did it.


  1. I know it is not funny that she keeps doing this, but reading this post I am cracking up. I can just see the little peanut sneaking around hiding things and looking back to see if anyone is there.

  2. That is too cute. Sweet Mattie! I have been thinking about you Tish. How are you doing?