Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The fist big owie

David is our adventurous child. He is always climbing, jumping and flipping over the couch, and of course bumping into things (poor vision and not always willing to wear glasses has a lot to do with this). Needless to say his adventures lead to David being the first child to get stitches. Last Friday he was in the refrigerator wanting some apple juice. I told him to get down and when he climbed down his chin hit the handle on the freezer (freezer draw is on the bottom). At first I did not think it was that bad. When I took a second look I could see how bad it was. We took him to the urgent care and it was decided that the old fashion stitches was a better way to go for a few reasons. The nurse but a numbing gel on his chin and covered it for about 30 minutes. After that he got it cleaned out. He cried a little bit during that. After that the doctor came in and did three stitches. David was awesome and did not even cry. He laid very still. The only time David cried and I mean he freaked out was when we put a band aid on it. The nurse held his arms,the doctor held is head and I stuck the band aid on. The doctor said he did not need one but when we saw him picking at the stitches it was decided a band aid was a good idea. I have to admit that I was freaked out about him getting stitches. I made Dan go with me. Driving to the urgent care I calmed down a bit and noticed I was wearing my swim suit underneath my clothes and had sneakers on with no socks. Luckily Michael had a extra pair of socks in the van and I was able to put them on. Michael stayed with our neighbors who happened to call about 5 minutes before all of this happened and invited him to swim. I took him down to the house and they graciously took him in and feed him dinner. I was looking for a place for Mattie to go. I then could not find Mattie and found her sitting in the van with her shoes on. So it was decided that we would take Mattie with us because I don't think she was willing to go any where else. She was very sweet to David and would rub his head. David laid low on Saturday and was a wee bit on the cranky side. I could tell his chin did bother him a little bit. I am happy to report that David is know back to himself.

What is funny is while at the urgent care, one of the guys on Dan's team was there with his son who also needed stitches.

Picture of his lip- he also bit his lip when he hit his chin.

Chin with stitches.

While taking a picture of David's chin, Mattie wanted a picture of her owie that is on her toe. It is a hang nail.

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  1. Poor David!! Nathan has probably needed stitches a couple of times but it has been on his head where you can't really see. I try to avoid the urgent care, but I know if is bound to happen with him. He is busy like David!