Friday, August 31, 2012

First Day of School

Michael started second grade, Mattie is in Kindergarten and David is in Pre-school. All 3 kids are at different schools which different start times. Mattie goes to a school that is 15 miles away for the reason that the program that is needed for her is at that school. I was a little worried at first but since she has been in school she has done great. Her vocabulary has increased and I really like her teacher and aids. In morning a van will pick her up and 4 other kids ride with her. Coming home she rides the bus. I really like Michael's teacher she is very organized and does a lot of fun stuff with the kids. David is in pre-school through the school district for his speech. He is doing really well and likes pre-school. He rides the bus and that is really cool to him. He has his routine down and every bus he sees he will say "that is my bus".

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