Friday, December 5, 2014

June 2014

In my previous post I mentioned how June was a rough month and how we were glad we went to the cabin.  Mattie was scheduled to have her tonsils and adenoids out on June 2nd.  Due to her health risk her ENT wanted to keep her overnight in PICU to be monitored.  Dan and I were happy and comfortable with the  decision.  The surgery was great and everything went well.  That night Mattie did really good and did not like the hospital room door closed.  Everybody that walked by she would say hi to them and wanted them to come in.  Needless to she made many new friends that night.  She was eating popsicles and drinking fluids and I thought this is great.  Ha....  until she ran and fever and started throwing up later that night.  Luckily it only lasted  a few hours.  She slept through the night and had a decent morning but was tired and did not want to do anything.  She was not showing any other health concerns and she was released that afternoon to go home.  Her ENT is wonderful and dear to my heart.  He is honestly one of the best doctors that Mattie has.

At home she did not want to eat or take any medication.  Dan would have to hold her and I would some how manage to get the medicine in her mouth.  It was a fight and medicine ended up all over the place.  Mattie normally loves medicine and I never have a problem giving any thing to her.  She also did not like her food cold but luke warm.  It was a long 2 weeks and I swear that I will never have this surgery done again. Thanks goodness it is a one time procedure.

That night that Mattie got home I woke up in the middle of the night and my stomach was upset.  I laid in bed and kept thinking I don't feel well.  I thought I was tired and the stress was wearing off.  I laid in bed and tried to not think about it but my stomach was telling me no.... I was sick..  I had the stomach flu that lasted a good 12 hours of constant throwing up.  My body hurt and I can say it was one of the worst flu bugs I have had.  Finally I was able to keep some liquids down.   Having a child recovering from surgery made things difficult and luckily Dan had taken the week off work.  Thursday night David starting throwing up and about an hour later Mattie started.  Dan took Mattie and I took David.  We ended up going back and forth helping each other out with each kid.  Neither one of us slept that night and I was still recovering.  Mattie was still sick Friday morning and I remember her ENT saying if she starts to throw up call me and he was the on call doctor that week. So Friday morning I made a panicked phone call to him.  I was tired and frustrated and I just remember crying to him.  Later I felt like a fool because I normally can handle this type of situation.  He called in some anti nausea medicine.  Sunday morning Dan and Michael woke up with the flu.  I had David and Mattie with me and we were watching TV.  Mattie was sitting on my lap and she shows me her hand and it is covered with blood and there is blood around her mouth.  I was told if she is bleeding from the mouth to call the non emergency number and let the on call doctor know what is going on and that they would meet us at the ER.   I remember sitting Mattie on the kitchen counter  to clean her up and I was on hold.  I put my head down and I remember thinking this just can't be happening and that is when I saw it.  A tooth was on her shirt.  Mattie lost her first tooth.   I hung up the phone and looked inside her mouth and sure enough that is wear the blood was coming from.  What a relief.   Slowly Mattie started to recover and it took about a good two weeks for her to recover and get back to a schedule.

In addition to all of this I ended having gall bladder surgery two weeks after Mattie had her surgery.  

Thankful we all have recovered from surgery and the flu and have had a healthy rest of the year.

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