Sunday, December 7, 2014

Random Pictures

Since I'm so behind on the blog I decided to post a few random pictures.

This was Dad's idea.
Normally Dan and I don't celebrate Valentines Day or do gifts for each other.  This year I mixed it up a little bit and surprised him with tickets to the ASU v UofA Basketball game that was on Valentine's day.  Both teams were ranked very well for the season.  ASU ended up winning in double overtime.  The game was amazing and we had a great time.   I am a ASU fan and Dan is a U of A fan.

Mattie at PCH going to a doctors appointment to see the neurologist.  She was so serious pushing the stroller and was all about her babies.  She would not get out of anyone's way.
 Mattie tripped and fell at school and bumped her head on the sidewalk.  The nurse called to tell me what happened and said that she was alright and did not cry.  I was not expecting this when she got off the bus.  

This is what the cut and bump looked like.

David wearing his new glasses.
 Mattie and Michael at Scouts.
 Mattie at cheer with her two coaches, Bella and Liz.  Cheer has been amazing the girls are amazing and so sweet and inspirational.
 Oh my... We bought the teddy bear at Costco for Mattie.  This is how he came home with us.  The teddy bear is huge.

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  1. I love seeing all the pictures.. Such an adorable family