Friday, March 13, 2009

Adult Time

The other day my mom came over to watch Michael, Mattie and David for me while I went to a get together with other parents who also have a child with Down Syndrome. Before my mom came I had to run to the store and when I got home I was getting Michael out of the car seat and I told him Grandma is coming over and he looked at me and said "is it so you can have some adult time". I then realized that I was actually going to have some adult time. It was great to meet face to face with parents who also have Down Syndrome children. I can't explain it but to talk and share was a stress reliever. This past week seems like it has gone by really slow. In a week span I have had 2 Uncles pass away. One is my Uncle Ralph and my other is my Great Uncle David. I did not see Uncle David a lot since he spent most of his time in Indiana which is were the family is from. My Dad's middle name is David which came from Uncle David and my little David is named after my dad. I have had a hard time getting motivated to do anything such as clean the house. I have this great vision of cleaning from top to bottom including washing windows organizing my closet. I guess I dream to big but it bothers me I can't get it done. I will start to do something and get my groove going and then it breaks when one of the children need something. I had some down time today and I was so excited because I have a movie to watch and in 5 minutes I feel asleep. I'm thinking about sending Dan and the kids on a walk this weekend so I can get some stuff done without any interruptions.

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