Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quiet Time

I want a quiet night. No kids to put to bed, no messes to clean up, no crying, no dishes to be done, no laundry to be folded. I wish I could sit down with a bowl of popcorn, a coke and watch a movie without any interruptions. That is if I can stay awake through a movie.


  1. Try it, if you fall asleep that means you are completely relaxed!Enjoy yourself.

  2. you are too funny, try and take a night for yourself.... thanks for the compliment also. You looked good yourself. We do need to get together sometime. I just got home from the hospital. I had surgery Tuesday and ended up having to stay inpatient because of ulcers they found and alot of bleeding, so i am just recovering now. But lets play soon.

  3. You are so funny Tish. I say start the movie and pause when drinks or diaper changes are needed. Your kids are growing up super fast. Miss you!