Monday, June 29, 2009


Truck battery died Saturday (no big deal, just hot outside) While working on the truck the car started having problems (bigger deal). Fixed the truck and looking for new vehicle to replace the car. Stressful because we have no clue what we want. Hoping the car would last another year (big dream). Went out to eat over the weekend, not a good idea. Mattie screamed at the table next to use entire time pointing and yelling "that" as they ate pizza. Thank goodness our food came. Tried cleaning house but hard with 3 kids. Took Michael to swim lessons this morning, went to Michael's for some ribbon with the idea that I'm going to make hair bows. Why? Mattie won't keep her hair done and I still have not finished the baby blanket and the baby towels for my friend who had a baby 4 months ago. Also need to fix Michael's spiderman costume. Need to leave for doctors appt for Mattie and David. I have not showered, Mattie threw her entire lunch on the floor, David is trying to eat it and I have not had anything to eat today. I still need to pack the bag. I spilled ketchup on my shirt (white and new). Bummed that everyone goes somewhere for the 4th of July and once again stuck at home. Michael keeps throwing this dumb stuffed animal around and I want to nicely de-stuff it. I have a headache and I wonder if anyone else has days like mine. Michael and Mattie are crying know and I can't think. At least I got dinner in the crock pot. Yea me!


  1. Totally have days where I want to just scream!!! HAng in there!

  2. Gotta' love days like that! I have days like that all the time! Call me!

    Ranee Hansen