Friday, January 8, 2010

Movie vs Book

If anyone has talked to me about books you will know that My Sisters Keeper is on the top of my recommendation list. I've been really wanting to see the movie since I read the book in May and I was unable to see it in the movie theater. I've had the movie on my netflix list for months and still is listed as a long wait. So a few nights ago Dan rented My Sisters Keeper for me. So finally after all the kids are snug in bed and I killed a scorpion that was walking across the living room floor, I finally was able to watch the movie. The book had a very different ending than the movie and there were so many changes. In the book the attorney would always make little jokes about why his dog is a service dog and they only did a few little jokes in the movie. There is also a scene that involves the attorney in the courtroom and in the movie they move the scene to the hallway of the courthouse. In the book the brother of the two sisters, does something to get attention for himself and in the movie it was completely left out. The Judge in the movie is a female and in the book it is a male. Also in the book there is a role of a court appointed guardian ad litem and there was no role of guardian ad litem in the movie. Also there is parts of the book where the sister who is trying to get he medical emancipation develops a special relationship with her father and in the movie this is not shown.

I have to say that I was really disappointed about the movie since there was so many changes. I really liked the ending in the book and that is what made it good a story. Yes, it is a sad book and so is the movie. What I don't understand is why Hollywood have to change so much. I know this is not the first time it has happened, but why do good stories have to be torn to shreds by Hollywood.

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  1. LOL...I LOVED the movie...probably because I never read the book. When my mother-in-law told me the ending in the book I was SO shocked. It is weird how they change major parts of a story like that.