Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Day of School

Today was Michael's first day of Kindergarten and Mattie's first day back at pre-school. Michael did great and is really excited about school. I tried to get more pictures of him but it did not work out. Dan took Michael to his class and I took Mattie to her pre-school class which is a few doors down from Michael's classroom. Mattie did great also but we have had a little incident with her after she came home from pre-school. Long story short she has the beginnings of bronchitis. I noticed yesterday she had a little bit of a cough and it was the same this morning. After pre-school she went downhill pretty fast. She had a fever and was having a difficult time breathing. I called the doctor to speak to the nurse and she was able to fit us into a appointment this afternoon. Tonight she is doing much better and even found the time to bite David on his arm and it left a nasty mark. Since Michael has been home he is non-stop talk about kindergarten and all the things he learned today and he earned 3 stickers today from his teacher. Way to Go! He is so tried tonight and he fell asleep around 7.

David coming along for the ride.

Mattie with one of the class room aids.

Going into classroom with her walker.

Michael all set and ready to go. He has been waiting all summer to wear this shirt but I would not let him wear it. Every time he would see it in the closet he would always tell me that he really liked that shirt.

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