Monday, August 9, 2010


Tonight I made the best dinner, at least I thought I did. I made a copy cat recipe of sweet pork from Costa Vida. Instead of burritos I served tacos with grated cheese and cabbage. I also made some spanish rice from a recipe I have but I added some diced tomatoes to it. In addition I made black beans. It was yummy and the kids ate everything even Micheal told me I did a good job and he went back for seconds. Mattie is having a hard time sleeping again tonight. She does this once in a while. She will cry out and fuss in her sleep. When you check on her she is sound asleep. There is nothing wrong with her it is something she does. I talked with other parents who have children with Down Syndrome and they all have the same issue. Some nights are better than others but it is hard to sleep when your child is crying and kicking the wall or side of the crib. She is a great little girl but I sometimes wonder when the horns will pop out. She loves to make messes and can be a little bossy. Today she kept telling David to "it", which is sit. Her vocabulary is getting better and I get so excited when she says something new. She is also figured how to take off he clothes and she has become the little nudist.

David is so busy and he can get so wild he will just run around the house laughing and then he will come up and push you. He can climb anything and is starting to figure out jumping. Sometimes he will count "done, due, dthee" and either jump or take off running. He is obsessed and I mean deeply obsessed with the vacuum cleaner and the steam mop. He will play with them non stop. When either on them get stuck he will sit and cry and scream until you come and help him. He then sucks that bottom lip in and off he goes again. If you try to move it or put it away he will run after you yelling "no no". His vocabulary is getting better and he knows words he just chooses not to say them. His favorite word the past few days is "o-ta". Also the other day I was doing something and I said crap. He started saying ap, ap. I thought oh-no but since that day he has not said it.

Together Mattie and David are constant. Into everything and you clean up one thing and then you turn around and it is something new. They love to climb into the bathtub and turn the water on. They also love the toilet and toilet paper. Both have figured out climbing and will use anything to push over to the counter or table to get on top. have found them on the half wall, the dresser and stove. I added a few pictures of their adventures. I thought I had put up all of the groceries put I missed the large carton of eggs. I was in another room and I kept hearing this noise but I thought he had my pad of paper. I did not worry about it and when I came out I saw the mess of eggs. It was not horrible at first until I picked him up and realized that he was sitting on eggs. Turns out it was mess to clean up. Of course David was excited when he saw the carpet cleaner and even took his turn helping.

Michael is great. He likes kindergarten and tells us about his day with other people and other kids but will not talk about what he learned or did that day. He also has informed that the maintenance guy is really cool because he fixes things and has a belt with tools on it. I saw him one day and told him what Michael said and he thought it was so cool. Michael is great with Mattie and David. I would be lost sometimes without Michael's help. He keeps them so busy and even if there are times he gets frustrated with them he still is very loving and will share a toy with them. He is really into airplanes and his favorite is the Stealth Fighter or F-117. Dan was given a collection of airplanes and we use them for rewards for Michael. The only rule is he can not play with the collection and has to keep them on the dresser. He has done great with them and every day he checks them. Michael's Grandpa Henney bought him a F-117 T-shirt and hat. He wears both of them all the time. He will wear the shirt and then reminds me to wash it so he can wear it again.

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