Monday, November 1, 2010

month of October

I decided to blog about the month of October instead of doing a individual post for each event. As I look back on the month I realize what a busy month October was. I did two weekend cabin trips. The first trip was for the day and then the second trip was overnight. The weather was great especially on the second trip and Debbie and I took a nice long hike up the mountain road! We were walking pass some blackberry bushes and kept wondering what was on them. Debbie moved a leaf and all of a sudden ladybugs went flying every where. There were honestly thousands of ladybugs on this bush. As usual Michael spent all his time out doors shooting the bow and arrow, playing army and looking for bugs and trying to find animals. The only thing he saw was a raccoon and a skunk. Michael also made Honor Roll at school. He did not understand it but Dan and I were really excited for him. I was able to go on a field trip with Michael's class to Schnepf Farms. It was warm that day so I came back with a serious sun burn but it was so much fun and I had Michael and two other boys assigned to me. They were fast, full of energy and wanted to do everything. The trip was a blast. I told them at the petting stable that they had to shovel the animals poop and when we got over there they kept asking me when do they get to shovel poop. I also told them the pig races were when you raced against a pig. So when we got to the pig races one of the boys looked at me and said he was really bummed about not racing a pig. We also did the usual Halloween traditions and that was decorating pumpkins and dressing up and going trick or treating. All three kids helped with cleaning the pumpkins out. We started out with Mattie using her walker for trick or treating and she made it about one half of the street and was tired out. I put her and David in the stroller and they both sat there holding their buckets. Every time Mattie would see someone passing candy out she would point at the candy bowl and say "get" and then point at her bucket. She then would sign thank you to them. David still does not say much but he would wave and say bye. Michael loved being a army guy and all of the older men would make a comment about his costume one guy even gave him 2 handfuls of candy because he said army guys were the best.

Michael receiving his award for honor roll

Picture at the cabin

Michael with his cousin's homemade bow and arrow

Pictures of ladybugs on the blackberry bush

Mattie, David and Michael getting ready to Trick or Treat

Mattie is a cat

Super David

Halloween Pumpkins after a few days. We somehow ended up with 9 pumpkins this year.

Creating the pumpkins

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