Sunday, July 3, 2011


Easter was relaxing this year. Dan worked his regular schedule the night before Easter and had to work Easter night. I did not wake up in time to put the Easter Baskets outside and Michael was up before me. I did not know what to do and he was upset that the Easter Bunny did not leave him his basket. I sent Michael and David on a basket hunt and when they got to the garage I quickly set the baskets out on the front porch. I had the baskets hidden in the den and Mattie was grabbing toys and saying "that" as I was quickly making my sneaky move. I just had finished closing and locking the door when Michael came in and told me they were not in the garage. I told him to check the porch. As the kids were on the front porch looking at there baskets Dan was getting home from work so he got to be with them as they went through their baskets and did the Easter Egg hunt. The bunny hid a bunch of plastic eggs this year but did not hide the colored eggs. Michael and I decided that it was because the Easter Bunny was in a hurry, kind of lazy, and he was also very messy. He ate lettuce and carrots and left some on the floor in the house and the back porch. He also spilled jelly beans on the front porch next to the baskets.

I made French toast for breakfast with home-made syrup. For dinner I did the traditional ham dinner with mashed potatoes, salad and fresh green beans. Dessert was a strawberry pie.

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