Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Pictures

Every once in a while I get to snap a photo of something besides pictures and holidays. Here are a few pictures.

Dan and I were playing baseball with Mattie and David. David was holding the bat and Mattie bent down to pick something up and when she did, David moved and well she suffered a nice little bump on her head. What amazed me was she cried/whimpered for about 2 minutes and then was done with it. She was back outside playing.

David fell asleep waiting for dinner.

Crazy hair/crazy sock day: Mattie put a headband on for crazy hair day-you know since she has no hair and Michael's hair is spiked all over and sprayed with back hair dye. They also had on mismatched socks.

David likes to play with the camera and most of the time the pictures are ground shots but he did manage a half picture of himself.

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