Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Step Up Walk for Down Syndrome/ASU Homecoming Parade

In October I attended the first Step Up Walk for Down Syndrome. I took the kids and my mom came with me. The walk every year is part of the ASU Homecoming Parade. It was a great time and a great way to show support for anyone who has Down Syndrome. I was a little worried about Mattie because of the noise but to my surprise she loved it and was dancing with music from the floats and the ASU Band. When it was our time to walk in the parade she did not want to walk or ride in the wagon so I carried her for about 3/4 of a mile. She was all smiles and waved to everyone. While we were waiting for the parade to start and the floats were lining up I saw Coach Kush with Sparky and Elvis. I was so excited to see him. I was by his car and asked him if I could get my picture with him. He said "come on over". Michael was standing next to me and he pulled Michael in the car with him. He was super nice and then everyone started coming up to him. My mom knows his grandson and she told him and they started talking. He asked her if she was single. I told her she should give her number to him but she said he is way older than her. Darn! I told my brother about it and he said the same thing I did. I should note that at the end of the pictures are some of the ASU Cheerleaders. Dan and I always tease Michael about cheerleaders and asking them for a picture. Well it has turned into a joke and so when we see cheerleaders we tell Michael if he ask to have his picture with them, then we will pay him 2 dollars. When I saw the cheerleaders I told Michael to go ask and he went up to them and said "can I have my picture taken with you". Usually he won't ask but this time he did.

Mattie's hand print on the float

Walking in the parade

Part of the float

ASU Band (Mattie is dancing)


My Mom and David


Coach Kush and my Mom


Mattie, Michael and I with Coach Kush and Sparky

Sparky and Coach Kush

Mattie and David with ASU Cheerleaders

Michael with the Cheerleaders

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