Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Michael's Birthday Party

Michael had a few friends from the neighborhood and school over for his birthday. The party was a Star Wars and Lego theme. We had mini Lego sets for each kid to put together and then to take home with them. Funny and expensive story. I found little Lego sets on clearance in September for a few dollars each. I was so excited to find this awesome deal. Anyways the night before the party I was getting every together and could not find the Lego sets. Dan and I searched the house top and bottom. The only thing we can think is the Lego sets where in a grocery bag and I bought them with other groceries and may have been thrown out by accident with the empty grocery bags. So the morning of Michael's party Dan went to the store and bought more of the mini Lego sets at regular price.

The party was easy and boys were very happy with the Lego sets and there blow up light sabers. I ordered a pizza for lunch and told the boys that Darth Vader was going to deliver the pizza. They were so excited and when the pizza guy came to the door they all started shouting and swinging their swords around. I kept the party small and simple and everyone got a long.

Putting lego's together: Right side of table: Cohen, Michael, Sione, Dad, Isaac and Conner.

Waiting for the Pizza Guy

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