Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This year Dan & I took the kids trick-or-treating at Dan's mom and dad's house. Mattie and David would not sit still for the pictures and Mattie had a hat that matched the tie but the hat was missing. Yesterday I found it underneath the living room couch. (I've should have known to look since that is were everything ends up) Hopefully I will get a picture of her in the hat because she looks so cute. I should add that David and Mattie were clowns and Michael was Batman. All 3 kids loved trick-or-treating. Dan and I took turns pulling Mattie and David in the wagon. David as usual had no expression just watched everything in awe. Mattie waved at everyone and laughed when someone put candy in her bucket. If you stuck your hand in her bucket she would swipe it away. Michael loved it but when we told him we were all done he said "yippee... I'm finally done" and ran into the house. I think he wanted to play with his new monsters trucks that his grandma and grandpa bought him. It was a wonderful night!

That night the kids stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's house so Dan and I could attend a Halloween party. They are some friends of Dan's through work. Every year they have a unbelievable Halloween party. The theme for their party this year was "The Grinch that stole Halloween". Dan and I originally had a great costume idea but it fell through because I was unable to find a dress or costume for my character. We ended up going as a Pilot and Flight Attendant. I had a basket with peanut packages and handed them out at the party. I don't have many pictures of the party but hopefully I can get some from other people, I want the picture of Dan and I sitting on Santa's lap (Santa did not wear red he wore black)