Saturday, November 28, 2009

Terrible, Terrible Mom

I did it, I did the ultimate bad mom thing and I feel horrible. Yesterday I was at Costco and I needed 2 things. David can get out the straps in the front part of the cart and I've had to many close calls were I will turn around and he is standing. So I put David in the basket part and pulled the cart with him next to me. Anyways I was at checkout and I was holding David but I needed to get something from the bottom. I sat David in the basket part bent down and I heard a thump. Laying flat on his back in front of me is David. I yell "Oh Crap" and pick him up and start looking all over his body and head and I don't see anything and then I see it.. a big red bump on the top part of his head. He cried for a few minutes and then he stopped crying but had the death grip on my shirt. As I pulled out of the parking lot David was already asleep. I thought Oh-No. I get home call Dan and we both agree to that I should have him checked out. I took him to the PCH Urgent care. After looking him over it was determined that he looks great.

So there you have it I did the ultimate bad mom thing and I feel horrible. I felt a little better when the doctor told me she has 3 boys and the same thing has happened to her.

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