Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tighty Whities

This is one of those pictures that will haunt your child when they are older. The other night Mattie was playing with the clothes in the laundry basket. She was playing with Michael's underwear and kept putting them on her feet. I decided to put a pair on her and this is what she looks like.


  1. Mattie looks so cute! and i loved you and Dans idea for Halloween- you guys looked awesome! Hope you had fun! It was good to talk last week and catch up!!! Miss you!

  2. her tidy whities...too cute! As for the whole scandal with Sunglass Hut! I ended up involving the Gilbert Police and when I did I suddenly got I got ALL of my money basically a free set of replacement lenses, which was great! The officer said the manager he spoke with was ridiculous! I am just glad it is all over. Thank goodness for the police.