Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday David

Can't take pictures of just one. This is Mattie after dinner. This is the usual messy face.

Michael wearing his favorite thing...Ghostbuster costume. We found this last year at Savers around Halloween time. He was a ghostbuster last year and from then on he is obsessed with Ghostbusters and Ghost.

David after dinner which was pizza and some brownies. Yum!

This was taken birthday morning. I made oatmeal for breakfast. Michael's bowl was still on the table and I came into the kitchen and this is what I saw. Somehow David was able to move the bowl from the table to the chair and he was eating it. What amazed me was he does not let go so with one hand he moved the bowl without breaking anything.

My little guy turned one on Thursday. It was a uneventful day but he did get to enjoy some chocolate & vanilla yogurt at Costco. For dinner he had pizza and a brownie. Below is for my record but here are some facts about David.

1. February of 2009 when he first smiled. David was a cranky colic baby and I remember jumping up and down at him and saying "boo". After numerous attempts I finally got him to crack and give me a smile. I remember thinking I finally did it and he thinks I'm funny.
2. In July is when he started crawling but would stand and pull himself to stand before crawling.
3. He has 7 teeth total and it gives him the cutest smile.
4. He will babble dada and mama but will only say mama when I have food or his bottle.
5. He loves to be held and follows me through out the house. Only a few times out of the day can I be separated from him.
6. He plays great with Mattie and Michael. The play time goes from crawling on Michael and Mattie to playing in the toy house. He loves to play peek a boo.
7. He has the loudest scream!
8. I think he looks like Dan but Dan thinks he looks like me. Dan has this expression where he can crease his forehead and David does the same thing.
9. He loves to eat and is not a picky eater.
10. He shares a room with his big brother and every morning wakes him up by standing at the crib yelling.
11. Likes to go into a room, close the door and then stick his fingers under the door while "calling out to us". When we open the door he smiles and laughs and the closes the door.
12. Has the best laugh.
13. He can get out of the straps that are in the grocery cart. Yes I'm the terrible parent who does not strap her kids in because there is no point. I have tried numerous times and each time I will turn around and he is standing up. I usually use the stroller. I push the stroller and pull the cart behind me. (Have you seen me at the store, I must admit it is a sight to see).
14. He loves the vacuum cleaner.
15. He is starting to get protective of Mattie. He will do little things like put his arm on her or over her when they are in the stroller together.

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  1. If I have to take all the kids to the store with me, I usually push the 4 seater with one hand and pull the cart behind me! You and I should shop together! :0) Happy Birthday to David!