Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2009 Auto Show

This year after Thanksgiving Dan and I made our traditional trip to the auto show that is held at the Phoenix Convention Center. This year it was much smaller but we still had lots of fun. Jeep had a miniature drive track that allowed you to ride in a jeep vehicle with a professional driver. Dan and I did it twice. It was a lot of fun and really made us want a 4 door jeep even more. Dan and I dream about owning a jeep and many times have come close to buying one but when you have 3 small kids all in car seats.... it just does not work out. So for know I guess the mini-van will have to do. I should mention that the pictures of us riding in the jeep are on Dan's mom and dad's camera. There is one shot of us on our camera. We did convince Dan's mom and dad to go on the course. Also the day we went was kids day and guess who was there to meet the kids. No other than the one and only Spider-Man. Michael was so excited to meet him. He still carries around the autographed card that Spider-Man gave him.

"Awesome Spidey Fingers"

Mom, Mattie, and Michael checking out a convertible.

Can't see us but we are there

On the way to the auto show

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