Thursday, February 25, 2010

mr. bubbalicious

I need to write about David before I forget stuff. I also like to write in my journal but sometimes I forget information. I want to share a story real quick a few weeks ago I was filling some developmental paperwork out for Mattie. One of the question was when did she start crawling and I could not remember when she did. I took out my journal and could not find it. So I started going through the blog and I got my answer. I was so glad that I documented it and so proud that as a mom I could answer every question with a answer that was accurate. Anyways....

A few of David's nick names are bubbalicious, bull dozer and WWB. David is growing up so fast he turned 15 months in February. I love him so much and call him my bubbalicious baby. He has these cute little solid legs and thighs and they are ticklish. There are days that I feel like I can not get enough of him. David is very strong willed and determined to get what he wants. He is my mess maker and into everything. He loves to play with Mattie and Michael. At this time he spends a lot of time with Mattie and together they are into everything. If Mattie is in another room and she cries he is the first to check it out. The both have this little call that they do to each other. When will make the sound and then the next one will do it. Sometimes you can hear it in the morning when they are waking up. We call David the WWB (World Wrestling Baby). He comes up to who ever sitting on the ground and push them down and lays on top. Of course with this being said we also call him bulldozer because he crawls over us, climbs us and any other object in the way.Last week he figured out to climb the top of the back part of the couch. He will sit there and look at us and starts bouncing. Each time my heart does a flip. This week I was reading a book while eating breakfast. I looked up to see him sitting on top of the kitchen table. David has a great appetite and will eat anything. With that being said Dan and I often joke that he must have taken a "how to gross your parents out" class before his spirit came to earth. Without details there have been many gross moments. David has a great belly laugh. As a baby he was really cranky but as he got older he has become so much happier and laughs at everything. David is a very hard to hold and rock but does love a quick hug and cuddle before he is off on adventure again.

I will ask David for a kiss. He will smack his lips together and then give you a kiss with a open mouth.

David is not fully walking but in the past week he has taken more steps and can walk about 20-30 steps before he decides crawling is the better way to go. He has big feet and his pair of shoes is a size 6.

He does not say many words but will say Mama when he wants something (food). He can say Dada, Hot and that. (Mattie's favorite word is that).

He loves to play pattie cake, twinkle twinkle little star and peek a boo.

I love the fact that in shirts he needs a size 18 months but pants are 12 months. He has a long torso but short waist and legs.

I love pictures of him because he is always smiling. He has the best grin showing his teeth. (7 total 4 on top 3 on the bottom and more on the way)

I have to say that Davids not so best trait is sleeping. He still will wake up at night and fuss. Usually it is nothing but every once in a while something is wrong.

So there is David at 15 months. I'm just amazed at how much kids change in such a short amount of time. I feel that time is precious with them and I don't want to miss anything.

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  1. he really is such a cutie!!! I LOVE his smile!!! He looks so muh different that all your others I think- He is has such a unique smile, it reminds me of Jaxon- just lights up any room- YOu are sure blessed to have such cute kiddos- And what an awesome mom you are. Dont forget that!!!