Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mattie's First Haircut

I finally did it but I took Mattie to get her first haircut. I took me a long time to do it because her hair is so special to me and it was long, down to the middle of her back. Her hair is really fine but was not even. I had it cut just below her shoulder bone and is one length. I can still put it up in those cute little pig tails that I love so much on her. Of course 5 minutes later she pulls them out. It is easier to comb and not so many tangles. I was worried with how she would act but she was great and never even cried.


  1. Ok serioulsly she has got to be the cutest little thing ever!!!! Love that last picture :) looks like you had a good time getting hair cuts! glad it went good. I know when Im cutting my boys hair it can get pretty rowdy at times... Toothbruch-works everytime(keeps them occupied:)

  2. Cute little Mattie. She looks so cute in her little red dress ;)

    As for the South Beach Diet. Get the book. I explains why you do everything and how it works. It is interesting to read too. It also helps you make the menu so you aren't lost.