Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mattie's First Day of Pre-School

Monday was Mattie's first day of pre-school. She is in a pre-school program that is designed for children with disabilities. Mattie did great at school and she used her walker. When she got inside the classroom a little boy came over to her and one of the aids was talking to her. Dan and I said goodbye to her and she waived at us and continued on with her business. Of course over the weekend one of the straps on her orthotics broke and her glasses broke, and that is why she is not wearing either one. I do not have any shoes for her and I knew I could not send her barefooted to school. Thank goodness I remembered that my sister-in-law gave me some clothes and shoes for Mattie and I found a pair that fits her perfectly. Thanks Debbie for saving the day.

Walking to the classroom. She is suppose to be wearing shorts but they are long on her and look like pants.

Waiving goodbye

Coming out of the classroom. Check out her backpack.

Waiving to me when she saw me standing at the gate to pick her up.


  1. P R E C I O U S!! Brave girl and brave mom!!

  2. This post just WARMS my HEART! I am so happy for little Mattie!

  3. Truly amazing. She is so cute. Totally exciting for everyone. It makes me more motivated to hurry and finish school so I can work with cuties like her.