Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring into the 2010 Garden

Ha Ha get it spring into the garden. I know corny. Anyways if anybody has called or stopped by the house you know that part of February and March Dan and I have been busy in the garden. This year Dan built 4 new box gardens. We put the peach tree in one box. The other 3 were used for various things. One box is dedicated to different types of tomatoes (6 total plus 4 in a different container from Fall). Another one is for various vegetables. The last one is for the Blueberry, Blackberry, and Raspberry plants. In addition we have our previous boxes that are growing various vegetables and the big garden in the ground. This year in the ground garden I planted 4 rows of corn and green beans, Zucchini, Cantaloupe and Cucumber. Dan is going to build one more box garden but it will be bigger and that is where we will plant the Watermelon. Everything is growing and blossoming, even the apple trees and grapes. If you can't tell I'm really excited about all of it. Everyday I go outside and look for new progress. Michael has joined in and has become the official water garden guy. Mattie and David just like to play in everything.

Michael and a pincher bug. After I took the picture he told me it pinched him.

The big garden and a box garden with various things growing. Also the black container is a composter.

Last box farthest away is the tomato box (6 plants). Closer to the front in the green container are more tomatoes from the Fall season. In between everything are the berry plants and more vegetable boxes.

Peach Tree and Strawberry Plants

My little helpers-David was taking a nap


  1. Tish! I love all the new posts!!! And your garden is AMAZING!!!! I love that Dan helps out with it, how cool... do you guys can? Wen we move I want to get a garden going and get my 3mo supply up.. Anyhow- ive been thinking about calling you these past few weeks I want to get together- XOXO

  2. Hi Tish! I found your blog. I love all your gardens!! Gardening scares me - but maybe one day. Ü